More beautiful life (spoilers): will Jean

On August 3 in Plus belle la vie (8:20 p.m., France 3), Kevin suspects Camille, Jean-Paul is more and more tempted by Prune and Emilie has a very interesting date…

In the Wednesday, August 3, 2022 episode of More beautiful life, Baptist (Bryan Treasure) and Justine investigate the outbreaks of fire, they understand that the fire did indeed take place because of an arsonist. A fingerprint is found on evidence. In parallel, Kevin (Théo Bertrand) is still worried about Camille (Lisa Cipriani). He steals keys from her while she sleeps. He talks with Emma (Pauline Bression) of all this. She is convinced that her sister is dangerous and Jacob’s accomplice. Emma fears that Caesar has disappeared because of the young girl. Kevin is afraid to share his life with a psychopath. He plans to talk to the police about it but Emma knows that Camille will manipulate them again. She believes they are the only ones who can get her to confess.

Sylvia organized a tryst at Emily (Laurie Bordesoules) without telling him… This interview is going well. patrick (Jérôme Bertin) passes by and sees them, he recognizes the young man but does not remember where. He has a bad feeling but doesn’t make a fuss at the time. Emilie is in any case under the spell, she and her “date” exchange their telephone numbers. Suspicious, Patrick looks for the young man in the police files.

Boher gets dangerously close to Prune in Plus belle la vie

Boher (Stephane Hénon) and patrick learn that their two babies are selected for the project. Jean-Paul is sure that the children will become stars in the United States. Prune comes to see him, Patrick reminds her to keep a cool head with her and leaves. The casting director tells her that Raphaël and Aurore are ultimately not selected. Parents have paid a large sum of money to have their child selected! To forget all this, they decide to drink glasses of alcohol. Intoxicated, Boher finds it hard to resist Prune’s charm, he calls Patrick for help. This one comes back and interrupts them in full approach. Prune explains to them that they have to give more money than the other parents in order for their babies to be retained in the end. To be continued in More beautiful life…

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More beautiful life (spoilers): will Jean-Paul cheat on Léa?