My selection of the best Webtoons of 2022!

My selection of the best Webtoons of 2022!

After our small selections at the end of the year, in particular on the best openings or my favorite manga of 2022, I’m back today with a selection of the best Webtoons of 2022, in my opinion of course. It is, I remind you, a totally subjective article. By the way, do not hesitate to share your favorites with us in the comments!

The Devil – Jung Gyunghoon

A psychopathic killer one day kills a dog that is said to be haunted, but he too is seriously injured on the way back. However, he wakes up as if nothing had happened with his limbs ripped off unscathed and discovers that he has inherited the haunted dog’s power. The real devil was born. »

For The devil, you can find a new chapter for free every Monday. Currently, 17 are available on the Webtoon site/app.

My Own Witch – Haeyoon, Mas

My Own Witch / Webtoon 2022

The love story between a witch and a human, destined to find each other across eras, countries and dimensions, even in spite of death… »

About my own witch, you will also find a new episode every Monday. As I write these lines, we find some 38.

Love me to Death – Toonimated

Love me to death - Toonimated / Webtoon 2022

A lonely necromancer resurrects a beautiful woman in exchange for a reward from a wealthy client, but finds himself utterly helpless in the deep connection that develops between him and his “monster.” »

Love Me to Death is a story that started very recently (September 2022). Today, we find a new episode every Tuesday. 18 episodes are already available for reading.

The World after the Fall – S-Cynan, Undead Gamja

The World after the Fall - S-Cynan, Undead Gamja / Webtoon 2022

When the apocalypse broke out, Jaehwan was summoned by the “tower of nightmares” and he decided to mount it by joining forces with the others in order to stop the destruction of humanity. As they fought together in the tower, a mysterious stone appeared in front of them. This stone offers its user the possibility of returning to the past. Most of the others ended up, one by one, accepting it, while Jaehwan, he decided to stay in the present. Will he be able to manage to climb alone to the top of the tower and save humanity? »

With The World after the Fall, you can read a new chapter every Thursday. To date, there are nearly 40 on the site.

Marry my husband – LICO, Sung Sojak

Marry my husband - LICO, Sung Sojak / Webtoon 2022

Jiwon dies in a terribly unfair way under the blows of her husband who cheated on her with her best friend. But a miracle happens and she wakes up 10 years in the past, when she was not yet married. Her revenge is taking place, she will ensure that the one who should have become her husband… marries her best friend! Not sure they are happy with the trip… »

For Marry my husband, we will have to wait until Friday to read a new chapter. But do not panic, 42 episodes are already available free.

On Webtoon, all episodes are free, but require waiting a week each time to read more. However, if it is totally impossible for you to wait until then, you can use paid points to unlock them in advance. However, be careful of this, because if you unlock a chapter by taking out the blue card, you will then have to wait two weeks to see the rest. So it’s a double-edged sword.

Webtoon is available online on the Internet or through a application.

My selection of the best Webtoons of 2022! – Vonguru