Natalia’s ordeal with the boyfriend who decapitated her corpse: “He mistreated her psychologically and once he almost broke her partition”

  • Nursing assistant and pharmacy graduate, the 46-year-old woman worked caring for the elderly and had two children in Colombia

  • Her ex-boyfriend, Leonel Herrera, confessed to having killed, beheaded and mutilated her: “He must have told her something to get him to get into that van; perhaps they had threatened him”

  • This Friday, GEAS divers search for the remains of the woman while the alleged accomplice goes to court

Natalia Mosquera He had arrived in Spain four years ago. Colombian, she had left his two children in his country trying to find a better future. She lived in Marbella. She was nursing assistant and pharmacy graduate. He made a living caring for the elderly. On December 8, he turned 46 years old. “The family called her to tell her how young and beautiful she was still. She was a woman humble, warrior. She raised her children alone, holding on to the hand of God. She was very devoted,” her niece Karen Etayo tells Nius from Cali, the city where she was born.

Last July the woman began a relationship with a Leonel Herrera, a 45-year-old compatriot, who works as an engineer. Four months later, she decided to end the courtship.. “He told my grandmother that she had met a man. After she was rude, aggressive He began to psychologically mistreat her and then assault her. This has been very macabre“, says the young woman.

They knew because of the ordeal he was going through. One of her children relates: “He is a lunatic psychopath, who took her life because she did not want to be by his side. He spoke to her about God and that gave her confidence. My mother was a Jehovah’s Witness, very religious. They started to come out and soon after she began to notice a weird and possessive behavior He threatened her and said things that scared her. Then her alarm went off and she decided to get away from that person. But he followed her, harassed and threatened. Until one day hit him in the face and almost broke his septum. She plucked up her courage and asked her brother for help, who accompanied her to the police station..

It was December 19. The man had no criminal record. He was arrested. After a speedy trial, the judge sentenced him to six months in prison and imposed a restraining order on him that prohibited him from communicating or approaching the victim for another 16 months.

The crime

“She wanted to leave him. She noticed something bad about him. She must have told him something to get him into that van with his other friend, whom Natalia did trust. Maybe they had threatened to do something to her or her children In colombia. He is a wretch, “laments her niece.

Leonel confessed that he had killed her under the watchful eye of about fifteen policemen on the sand of the beach. I know hid behind some dunes. After killing her, she cut off her head and her hands, which she threw into the sea. She also ripped off a tattoo that she had on her abdomen and made a cut to facilitate the expulsion of gases.. She finally went into the water with her body in her arms trying to get rid of him.

A fisherman found the body floating among some rocks on January 8. Now his sons try to gather financial means to finance the burial and travel to Spain to say goodbye to his mother.

In the search of Leonel’s home, the Police found a radial and tools that are being analyzed and the judge decreed his provisional admission, communicated and without bail in prison, accused of homicide and violation of sentence for ignoring the restraining order. He is in the Alhaurín el Grande prison, where this Friday will be evaluated by the technical team.

His friend and alleged accomplice will go to court in the next few hours while divers from the Special Group for Underwater Activities (GEAS) of the Civil Guard have begun to search for the remains of the woman in the sea. The strong waves and the easterly wind brought her body to the shore, four kilometers from the scene of the crime, allowing the discovery. Natalia is the fifth fatality from sexist violence in Spain since the beginning of the year.

Natalia’s ordeal with the boyfriend who decapitated her corpse: “He mistreated her psychologically and once he almost broke her partition”