NBA – Psychopath, the player to whom Kobe Bryant has never spoken in 12 years!

Facing Kobe Bryant has always been a huge challenge for defenders and the prospect of duels with the Black Mamba even made more than one player lose sleep. One of his rivals tells a story implausible regarding his relationship with the (now deceased) number 24who like a psychopath, has never spoken to him in 12 years!

It’s a rivalry that has turned into an obsession… but only on one side! An opposition of styles between two fierce competitors, two stars of their time, which gave rise to tough and bitter battles on the floor. In the 2010s, the face-to-face between Kobe Bryant and Tony Allen were summed up very simply: the ultimate offensive weapon against a defense expert on man.

A rivalry such as for Allen, the meetings against the Lakers had to be circled in red on the calendar, and this several months in advance. A real guard dog, aggressive and loud-mouthed, the Grizzlies pit bull (from 2010 to 2017) made life difficult for more than one scorer at that time. And for his part, a warrior at will, Kobe Bryant never even wanted to calculate it.

A way to drive Tony Allen crazy and get inside his head? It’s a possibility. In any case, the conclusion is quick: adversaries in the extreme, the two men did not speak to each other for 12 years! But everything changed the day Kobe decided to make a strong and symbolic gesture. Journalist Chris Palmer says the Black Mamba simply sent his rival a gift.

Chris Palmer : Kobe considered Tony Allen the best defender he had faced. Allen thought about Kobe when he went to sleep, when he woke up, in his car to go to the game. In 12 years, the two had never spoken to each other. Kobe gave him a pair of Kobes. His teammates remained silent. Tony was struggling to hold back his tears.

A visibly overwhelming attention for Tony Allen, who almost burst into tears in front of the shoes offered by the Mamba stamped with the inscription: “the best defender I have ever faced”.

Tony Allen “I’m never going to score 40 points, I don’t have a flashy crossover, I can’t step back to 3 pts. I play defense, that’s my thing. When he gave me these shoes, I realized something. All that hard work, those sleepless nights… This moment made it all worth it. »

Kobe to Tony Allen “You and I are cut from the same wood”

A war on the floors that ended up turning into mutual respect. A great story between one of the best attackers of all time and one of the best all-time fierce defenders.

NBA – Psychopath, the player to whom Kobe Bryant has never spoken in 12 years!