Psychopath of basketball, Kobe Bryant used to get up before the sun, and go to revise his ranges on the floors in the middle of the night. The legend of the Lakers has also shocked a veteran of the franchise with his (too) morning messages!

Seeing his nickname attached to the notion of exemplary, even sickly mentality testifies to his irreproachable work ethic throughout his career. Founder of the Mamba Mentality, Kobe Bryant represents a model for the younger generation thanks to the latter. Many are the stars who try to reproduce the icon of the Lakers on this point… in vain.

It is indeed difficult to be as involved and passionate as Vino for 20 years, and to keep up with his relentless pace of life. His daily life, punctuated by basketball, included waking up in the middle of the night, when some of his peers were going to bed after drunken evenings. What disgust some of his teammates, but also some of his coaches.

Kobe Bryant’s Crazy Nighttime Messages

Already extremely studious when he arrived in the league, at only 18 years old, Kobe retained this trait until his retirement two decades later. Including during his last season, during which he did not have much to play with the Lakers. Passing through Robert Horry’s podcast, Byron Scott, then LA coach, revealed a wonderful anecdote on the subject:

The last year I coached him, he often wrote to me at 4am. Like, “Coach, what are we going to do in practice tomorrow? And I woke up at 6 a.m. thinking, “Why the fuck are you writing to me at 4 a.m.?” I was like, “Kobe, do you ever sleep?” and he would say, “No, not really.” So I was like, “Man, you should sleep!” And by the way, we’re not going to do much in training, so you don’t have to come! »

Even when his team wasn’t competitive anymore, when his joints were giving him a lot of pain, and when his family life was busy with four daughters, Kobe couldn’t help but get up first thing in the morning. …and even earlier. A behavior that left his coach in shock, almost worried about the Black Mamba’s sleep pattern.

In view of this statement, Kobe’s dedication seemed almost more important than that of his coaching staff. What testify to his love for the orange ball, which would undoubtedly have led him to one day take a role on a bench. Whether in the NBA, like Byron Scott, or in the WNBA, where he would have been happy to welcome Gianna without their tragic disappearance.

Not the type to take advantage of his end of career by chaining sleepless mornings, Kobe Bryant tended to wake up his coach with text messages about Lakers training. Definitely incorrigible.

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