Netflix premieres the documentary I just killed my father

We know that there are documentaries of all kinds, although without a doubt those that focus on homicide cases have established themselves as one of the most watched by the audience, which is largely due to the psychological examination of the murderers, but it also has to see with the morbidity of people. Knowing that, Netflix has released I Just Killed My Dad, which will be available from August 9, 2022.

I Just Killed my Dad, which is the original title of the report, is a documentary series that tells the story of the Templet family that has never been told before. On June 3, 2019, Anthony Templet killed his father, act that never denied before anyone, and that shocked the world. However, what the investigations revealed was something completely unexpected, with implications that went far beyond a familiar theme.

Throughout three episodes you will be able to have access to the analyzes that various specialists created regarding Anthony’s mind, as well as the mental and emotional consequences left by his father’s murder.

What happened in 2019?

As reported, everything originated from a cell phone. Yes, just as you read it. And it is that Anthony’s statements let it be known that his father, Burt, would have tried to check his cell phone to see if he was still in contact with his former partner, that is, Anthony’s mother, which led to a verbal altercation between the two, until Burt tried to hit his son, who managed to run into his father’s room, ttake a firearm and give it two shots.

Even when he was arrested, Anthony assured that he should not be imprisoned since “he had not done anything wrong”, which sounded like the thoughts of a psychopathic mind, which would soon be known was actually one damaged by his own father, since the family assured that Burt physically abused TeresaAnthony’s mother, in addition to the fact that he recruited the latter both from close people (neighbors, acquaintances, etc.) as well as from the family itself.

In fact, an incident is reported in which Burt decided to take his son, which caused Teresa to put up ‘missing’ signs all over the area, to the point that for 11 years they had no idea he was alivealthough ironically they never filed a formal complaint with any authority.

What happened to Anthony Templet?

Far from what usually happens in these cases, Anthony’s story did have an ending that we can describe as ‘happy’. And it is that after a series of psychological analyses, the specialists, in addition to giving him mental and emotional help, came to the conclusion that he is not any kind of threat to society, being unfair that he was denied the opportunity to learn basic things. of life like having friends or a job.

Thus, under strict conditions such as the use of a fixed GPS device and the payment of a fine, Anthony was released from prison on parole, offering him the opportunity to finish high school and have a job. Although there has not been much news about him in the media, we are sure that he is enjoying this new beginning. @worldwide

Netflix premieres the documentary I just killed my father