Netflix: the shocking documentary about a natural disaster that is trending

Netflix added an impressive documentary that dethroned Matrimillas and is positioned as the most viewed on friday It deals with a particular natural disaster and stands out for having testimonies from survivors.

On the other hand, along with the success of Netflix-breaks-records-and-exceeds-Stranger-Things-20221201-0006.html” target=”_blank”>merlin Y Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Storyseeks to replicate this popularity with harry and meghanthe controversial docuseries about former members of the British crown.

With the new year, multiple productions awaited by subscribers arrive, such as theNetflix-2-series-beloved-by-fans-return-with-new-seasons-20221215-0004.html” target=”_blank”> new season of Vikings: Valhalla. In addition to some animated series highly anticipated by fans such as Monsterthe must-see story about a doctor turned unsung hero who seeks to stop a young psychopathic serial killer, just like The angel of Death and other Netflix serial killers.

The Volcano: Rescue in Whakaari

The Volcano: Rescue in Whakaari was recently added to the Netflix catalog and is about a real case occurred in new zealand. The documentary is narrated through the eyes and testimonies of the survivors of a volcanic eruption that occurred in 2019.

Just as it happens with the true crime productions like The Photographer and the Postman: The Crime of Cabezas, documentaries about natural disasters or tragedies have been popular on the platform for a while. It is the case of Total fiasco: Woodstock 99 either Fyre: The Most Exclusive Party That Never Happened.

Netflix: The Volcano: Whakaari Rescue

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The shocking documentary that is trending on Netflix

The Volcano: Rescue in Whakaari recounts the volcanic eruption that occurred in Whakaari, New Zealand, on December 9, 2019, which cost the lives of 22 people. The documentary focuses on the survivors and rescuers who achieved a feat despite the abandonment suffered by the local authorities.

In addition to the 22 people who lost their lives, there were also another 25 who suffered serious injuriesmostly burns, although they also suffered respiratory difficulties.

Michael Schade, one of the survivors of the eruption, shared through his Twitter account the strong experience he went through:

“OMG the White Island volcano in New Zealand erupted today for the first time since 2001. My family and I had come down 20 minutes earlier, we were waiting on our boat about to leave when we saw it. The boat ride home tending to the people our boat rescued was indescribable. #islablanca ”Schade posted on his personal Twitter that day.

The story shocked the entire world, to the point that Netflix commissioned Rory Kennedy, a 2015 Oscar nominee for her nonfiction feature, “Last Days in Vietnam,” to be in charge of telling the story of this tragedy, which It is positioned as the most watched in the Netflix movies category.

The tragedy that could have been prevented

Although nature is unpredictable, Between October and November 2019, GNS Science geologists discovered that an abnormally high amount of gases and steam were being emitted from the island. In addition, an earthquake was registered near the island and they decided to issue a maximum alert statement.

Despite these warnings, the local authorities chose to ignore it and tourist activities in Whakaari continuedsome agencies even placed on their official pages that there was a “moderate or high volatility” of volcanic agitation.

Therefore, the tragedy that cost the lives of 22 people could have been avoided. The Volcano: Rescue in Whakaari tells this shocking story and can be found on Netflix.


Netflix: the shocking documentary about a natural disaster that is trending