Neumair trial, the prosecutor asks to deny the generic extenuating circumstances

2 pm. Towards the end, the indictment of the Public Prosecutor Igor Secco: “Patrizia Reggiani (Gucci murder) was found to have the same personality disorder as Benno (narcissistic histrionic antisocial) but she was considered perfectly capable of understanding and wanting”. The prosecutor calls for the denial of generic extenuating circumstances.

Suspension of the hearing until 15.30. He will resume with the last phase of the indictment.

1.40 pm. “Benno she manipulated her friends to preconstitute an alibi. He is a cold calculator”, says the prosecutor Igor Secco.

1 pm. Prosecutor Igor Secco’s indictment continues: “The red thread of his behavior is the lie. Mental disturbance that does not lead to dyscontrol has no forensic relevance. Benno’s personality disorder didn’t cause him to not know what he did: he is a chronic liar. After the first murder, Benno’s behavior was absolutely lucid. He waited for his mother to return to eliminate her.”

12.50. For the Pm Igor Secco in Benno “there has never been an alteration of reality. The psychopath is a criminal. Benno is not a psychotic, he is a psychopath. In him there are antisocial narcissistic traits. The narcissist manipulates people for their own benefit. Benno fakes emotions for feelings he doesn’t have“.

12.40. The other prosecutor Igor Secco dwells on the imputability of Benno and others his personality disorders that would not affect the ability to understand and want. Personality disorders that must be intense, relevant and consistent: slipping into a psychosis must be demonstrated, the subject must be incapable of perceiving the disvalue of what he has done. There is no borderline behavior, it is not a paranoid.

12.30. The indictment of the two prosecutors is underway. According to Federica Jovene, on the afternoon of 4 January there was no quarrel between the defendant and her father Peter. Not only is there no evidence, but the reconstruction of Benno’s use of computers and mobile phones that afternoon denies Benno’s story. That afternoon Benno hadn’t fallen asleep (being suddenly verbally attacked by his father over money). Instead, it is proven that Benno was always very active even after the first crime.

Benno Neumair does not participate in the final phase of the processor at its expense for the”killing of his parents Laura and Peter. Present in the classroom instead sister Made. The 31-year-old from Bolzano confessed to the double murder and the concealment of their bodies, thrown into the Isarco river.

In the morning, before the Court of Assizes presided over by Charles Busatothe deputy prosecutors Igor Secco and Federica Iovene they will formulate their conclusions and make claims to the judges. After the indictment, the civil party lawyers will speak – representing Madè, Benno’s sister, and Carla Perselli, Laura’s sister – and then the speeches of Benno’s defense lawyers will be held.

The Court has foreseen three days for the discussion of the trial, including replies: from tomorrow to Saturday. According to this work schedule, the Court should already retire to the council chamber on Saturday so as to be able to read the operative part of the sentence in the evening of the same day. In the event that the discussion should instead continue until it occupies the entire hearing on Saturday, the Court of Assizes would be forced to postpone the closed session to Monday (or even Sunday).

Neumair trial, the prosecutor asks to deny the generic extenuating circumstances – The direct