New Year’s rape in Rome, the call from the mother to the suspect: “Name the names” and he: “I’m not infamous”

“If you don’t tell the truth, you become investigatedand it’s worse. There was a bad thing here, you continue to stand against them (the carabinieri), they make you pay. It’s the law. ” It is a mother’s outburst at her underage child, investigated for it rape of a girl of 16 years old during a party of New Year’s in a villa in the Torresina area a Rome on December 31, 2020.

There phone call which took place between 10 and 11 February 2021 was intercepted by Carabinieri and partially reported by Corriere della Sera. The text brings out new details on the investigation that currently sees one of the adults participating in the party under investigation (which will be judged immediately) and several minors.

The suspect’s phone call with his mother

The phone call between the minor under investigation and the mother takes place shortly before the second interrogation. The boy had already been heard for the first time by the Carabinieri following the complaint of the 16-year-old, as a person informed on the facts, but he hadn’t mentioned the names of the people present at the party.

The mother, who had accompanied him to the barracks as a minor, had been informed of the silence of her son by a Carabiniere. So during the call she tries to get him to talk: “Enough bullshit, you dirty your life for nothing,” she says. But the boy doesn’t want to know: «I carabinieri I know of the infamous, I take the letter opener and I give it in his throat. I am a psycho. If I wear their uniform, it is rape to me. ”

The woman gets nervous, try to make him think: «They work, they seek the truth. If the girl was in the hospital, then she was raped. Therefore you have to tell him the truth, stop bullshit. I know you didn’t do anything, otherwise you made me sick, even if you are my son. ” And he continues: «You have to be fair and stop saying you were at the party alone, like an encephalitic. If you don’t tell the truth, you get investigated, and it’s worse. Here there was a bad thing, you continue to stand against them (the Carabinieri, ed), they pay you back. It’s the law. ”

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The law of the road “I don’t mention names, I’m not infamous”

The boy is adamant: “A ma ‘, I don’t give names of people I don’t even frequent ». His mother, however, points out to him that someone has mentioned her name: «My friends did not mention my name. It was my name that the pariolini could do. ‘ The woman, exasperated, replies “Give him the name of the pariolini.” And he: “I’m not an infamous “.

The story: “the girl told me she wanted a relationship”

At the end of the phone call, the minor tells his version of events: «I had half a thing. He told me he wanted a relationship. We went to the bathroom, her and me. How do you give me the rape? ‘ The mother believes him. The boy says he is not afraid and that he can count on connections capable of avoiding his troubles: “I called Maestro Angelo (still unidentified), Carminati’s lawyers have it, so I can be out in two minutes” .

The phone call ends with the exasperated mother who asks her son to be accompanied by the father in the prosecutor’s office next time. “I can’t take it again,” she says. “If I had been home on New Year’s Eve, what if he could have gone out …”.

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New Year’s rape in Rome, the call from the mother to the suspect: “Name the names” and he: “I’m not infamous”