nothing hurts him

After 14 days of:

– covid
– a serious respiratory infection
– two heart failure crises (one that almost killed me again)
– another attack of my disease (acute intermittent porphyria)
– 11 blackouts, between these of up to 12 and 22 hours in a row
– a robbery in my workshop by a neighbor while I was sick
– the loss of 10% of my money in bolivars due to inflation…

… and after having read, when I could, some news here in Aporrea, something occurred to me, something that has touched my soul to the point of damaging it permanently, I think.

Everything hurts me.

It’s like a kind of spiritual trauma that hijacked my soul when I realized the depth and gravity of the case, in my estimation of course.

When one observes the behavior of the current Venezuelan head of state since he began to govern in 2013, one realizes the following (seen from my point of view), among other things, that:

1- he intentionally and regularly lies,

2- he usually does not keep his word,

3- he always blames others,

4- he abuses his power,

5- he never really assumes his responsibility.


However, there is one fundamental characteristic or behavior that in my opinion (and in the opinion of many doctors) would determine precisely what kind of person he would be compared to most, say compared to the norm, and that is that— based on my perception — he does all these things, from lying, from not complying, from blaming others, from abusing his power, and from never really taking responsibility, with a total lack of compassion, empathy, or remorse, and this is very serious.

I mean, as far as I’ve noticed, he always behaves with absolutely no show of compassion or consideration for the feelings of others, nor would he feel remorse (or at least he doesn’t show it), I mean, it doesn’t hurt him Nothing, and that’s how I perceive it.

This is very serious.


Well, because this is the main characteristic of a person suffering from psychopathy disorderwhich is (activated):

– in the general population in about one person in 100 (1%),

– in at least 20% of the prison population (1 in 4 or 5 people), and

– also in at least 20% of the political and business leaders of the planet.

To my knowledge, in almost 10 years governing this country:

– he has never sincerely apologized for absolutely anything, even if it was his own fault,

– he has never shown any remorse or remorse for the damage that he himself, as head of state, has inflicted on millions of innocents,

– he has never shown a single drop of sadness for the suffering of his People, for their despair, for their anxiety, for their fear and uncertainty,

– he has never cried a single small tear for the hundreds or thousands (it is not known how many) of innocent Venezuelans kidnapped, raped, drowned, murdered, or died of heart attacks in their attempt to leave this country in search of a dignified life… nor has he mentioned them, as if they did not exist,

– he has never shown a single drop of emotion, humility, or compassion with respect to the millions of innocent Venezuelan men and women, we who have been getting sick and dying regularly and continuously for almost 10 years here in Venezuela due to to chronic malnutrition and the exacerbated lack of medication or even minimal quality medical care, as if we were totally insignificant and had no pain at all,

– he has never shown pity or mercy or shame, or absolutely anything like that, with respect to the wages of slaves that he himself has imposed via presidential decrees on at least 80% of the population,

– he has never expressed a single bit of pain for the FACT that millions of innocent Venezuelans suffer every day (apart from health and chronic malnutrition) from the daily-worsening lack of the most basic services of the planet, such as drinking water, electricity, the internet, transportation, gasoline, etc., as if we didn’t need that, as if it wasn’t necessary,

– he has never shown compassion for anyone,

– he has never expressed condolences for anyone,

– He has never shown empathy for anyone.

I’m wrong?

I don’t think so.

Like any psychopath, nothing hurts him.

That’s how I see it.

ADDENDUM: And that’s my opinion, maybe I’m wrong and that he wouldn’t be a psychopath, but I doubt it, the evidence abounds. Now, don’t let anyone come to me with this hate promoting crap, no sir, this has absolutely nothing to do with hate, it has to do with a possible verifiable medical disorder, nothing more. It is the same as when a person suffers from epilepsy, or diabetes, or porphyria, these are bioneurological disorders, they are medical conditions, that is, if someone suffers from these things, well, it is because they suffer from these things, not because someone would hate

nothing hurts him