Oakland University Says People Who Get Along With Their Ex Are Psychopaths

Getting along with your ex? A psychopathic personality trait. No, it is not maturity, a reason for pride and rationality. How many times have we heard “The past is past”, “You cannot erase what did you so much good” either “There are no reproaches or we end badly, we are friends”? Well Oakland University has carried out a study that proves that those who so celebrate having a peaceful and friendly relationship with their ex-partners actually hide their psychopathic and narcissistic personality.

Oakland University Study

Science has spoken. The published study mentions that people who take pride in having a good relationship with their ex are actually trying to hide their psychopathic traits Well, they maintain that “friendly” relationship for a goal, it can be to have money, perhaps other resources, information or even just occasional intimate relationships.

You know what they’re going to tell you they appear to be very mature and have a peaceful life but it is not like that, there are many people with whom we also share anecdotes, beautiful memories and experiences but we really leave completely behind, friendly relations between ex-boyfriends only reflect that they are psychopaths.

They are narcissistic and this type of “friendship” feeds their ego. They generally have a low tolerance for frustration and don’t know how to walk away from a toxic situation without announcing to the world that they are the victim. They will never accept their mistakes.

Oakland University Says People Who Get Along With Their Ex Are Psychopaths - friendship

If you are in that situation, identify the interests that lead you to relate to your ex. In a work of sincerity with yourself, recognize what you will lose if you completely eliminate him/her from your life. Emotional Support? economic? sex? Now, if your love relationship ended, why do you think you will get it in a healthy way without being a couple? It’s time to put your cards on the table and analyze the situation, walk away once and for all before everyone gets hurt.

Now, if you are in the other role, in which your ex wants to continue being your friend, analyze what is tying him/her to you and you as now, a mature person, better stay away and leave his psychopathic traits behind because that relationship will only bring you more emotional exhaustion. It is important to have well-defined limits and always take care of your emotional health. Does that friendship bother you? Do you feel used? Time to put an end to it.

Perhaps you had not noticed it and it seemed very normal to still maintain contact because these types of people look for very empathetic people to be able to manipulate them at will. It doesn’t matter if the love relationship ended on the best terms, they put an end to it for a reason. It’s not healthy, it’s not mature, it’s not a reason to brag, being friends with your ex is a psycho personality trait that does not let you heal and move forward in your life.

Now, there are some exceptions where you cannot eliminate your ex from your life; for example, when they have children. In this case, they must make the line between parents and friends very clear, they will always be in contact and they can reach agreements about the well-being and future of the children because it is clear: they will always be their parents, but in terms of their relationship, no. they are not friends.

Oakland University Says People Who Get Along With Their Ex Are Psychopaths