Of course they have understood

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We hope, from this your site, that you have seen the last season of The Boys. Our partner Juanma Martín has been talking about the series here. Actually, it’s not so much that the series is good or bad: it’s that it has crossed the screens to be part of popular culture. Almost always, let’s say it, promoted by people with an abysmal ignorance about superhero comics, saying things like “if superheroes existed in reality they would be like this” and late-teenage stuff like that. It is more or less inevitable: in fact, there have been two of us who have read superhero comics and the drum.

I mean, it’s not the fault of those people either. All the new coming of superhero movies and series has not had a Superman or DC movies in general at the height of their characters (except for the first Wonder Woman and little else). Thus, it is possible to make films or series that deconstruct classic superheroes like The Boys, but it is done without the people who have come to superheroes through the cinema having had contact with the classic Superman. All this confusion about the series and ridiculous things that are said about it (in the post linked before Juanma, someone asks about the “MVP” of the last season of The Boys, for example) is due to the fact that the current producers and filmmakers Hollywood actors have underlying problems representing light, honesty, and purity without cynicism or irony. Also an inability to be subtle or witty in conveying things. Or maybe not, and it is that selling in such quantities for things to be profitable today requires overlooking the subtlety when it comes to showing things.

But let’s go back to the success of the TV series, which we already said is overwhelmingly better than the comic (which wasn’t difficult either). As always, when there is a well-played evil character on screen with enough minutes in a successful series or movie, we have people admiring him. In the case of The Boys it is the parody of Superman and Captain America, called here The Patriot. An adult character who behaves like a teenager who has just discovered that he is growing hair on his genitals: he is emotionally unstable, capricious, it is difficult for him to inhibit his impulses, it is difficult for him to plan in the medium or long term, etc. Not to mention that he kills or tortures in his outbursts of capricious anger. There are enough scenes of the pathos and whining of him when he’s alone for any normal, adult person to understand that The Patriot is pathetic, immature and, yes, evil.

And there we have, once again, adult people using El Patriota to sell their political affiliations. Or taking scenes of him as something to admire. Or creating and sharing El Patriota memes with the last and great final scene of the last episode of the series. “How cool is The Patriot” and so. We have seen this show many times. For example, with a villain like Walter White, who, even though he is the protagonist of Breaking Bad, it is difficult to see another protagonist of a series or movie who commits more crimes and does more horrendous things, no matter how much we have understood them and we have accompanied on the trip.

We also saw it in the past with the psychopathic instructor in Full Metal Jacket (1987), spectacularly played by Ronald Lee Ermey. It was not uncommon to find people who knew the collection of insults and humiliations to which he subjected the “clunky soldier” in the nineties and it was quite common until not so long ago to find people with his character as an avatar on social networks. And what are we going to say about others like King Leonidas from the movie “300”.

We can go on a lot with the theme, covering not only characters but the movies themselves. That is, people who in theory did not get the fine irony of Starship Troopers and it was believed that it was militaristic propaganda. Or subjects that we believe have not understood the criticism of the fantasy of the self-made man made by Scorsese in The Wolf of Wall Street and that they even put his nickname on social networks or make videos showing examples of the film taking messages exactly opposite to the more than obvious intention of their authors.

Here we could continue with the historical current and understanding regarding this issue. That is, to be condescending and explain that these people who idolize monsters, psychopaths and fictional villains have not understood the movies or series. That they lack reading and that they should start reading, that they do not know the contexts and reality. That they have not thoroughly analyzed the film or have caught the signs and clues of the artists who made it very clear that the bad guy is the bad guy. That we have to explain the song “The Empire Strikes Back” by Los Nikis once again to the girls.

In the end, the whole genre of articles, columns and reports explaining to the poor fools who have not understood the movies start from a single idea: people who admire psychopaths, monsters or villains do so out of ignorance or innocence. If we think about it, this is one of the bases of the Enlightenment: ignorance, superstition and evil can be fought by disseminating knowledge and science. And, well, we can say as good accommodating bourgeois that we are that it is partly true.

But then there is the other part. Which is also as true as the one that comes out of the darkness thanks to the true information that illuminates your path to the Truth. And that, hahaha, it turns out that it is also real. It is those people who may not be the majority in any society but who certainly are not two friends in their home in the village. It is those people who see a character like El Patriota who smashes the head of a guy who has thrown a bottle of water at his son and they think that they would like to be like that.

Nothing to put up with others in traffic jams in the morning. Nothing to put up with bullshit from your parents or uncles. Nothing to swallow with little jokes from your brother-in-law that you have no fucking idea about anything. None of the heavy-handed co-worker who fires you up with his crazy political crap every day. Hopefully I’ll blow their heads off, move drug trucks and nobody jokes at you, humiliate others without any consequence. Hopefully do it or be on the side of those who can do it. Don’t come to me with graphs, boy, I already know them, damn it. I don’t care That I have already understood what I had to understand. No, it is not a heat that all the normal and gray people of the planet have with something that bothers us, no. We are consciously and responsibly in favor of being able to do horrendous things if they did not have serious consequences in our lives.

The mistake is to believe that many of these people are alienated from reality or have not read the latest “peiper”. Or that you are less resentful than they are or have fewer cognitive biases. The mistake is to believe that they have not understood the movies or the series, when they have really understood them perfectly. They take from them what they like, what they want and claim it as desirable. They are neither idiots nor do they need readings. They don’t mind leaving a trail of pain and misery to do their whim. And if they don’t get to do it in real life, it’s because of a lack of opportunities or because of the tremendous consequences on their lives if they start trying. More or less like an embarrassingly high percentage of people, which may not be the majority, but they are not anecdotal either. You may even be there yourself, dear reader. That is why there are laws, there are mechanisms so that all power has limitations, so that impunity does not exist, for which reason the police and jail exist. Even civility and the Enlightenment, but that’s the last phase.

Thus, the illustrated mistake of sending people to read is understandable and sweet, but a mistake. The Evil continues to exist even with massive doses of scientific popularizers and infinite access to more information than we will ever handle. Evil is not a disease, it is not a distortion of reality, it is not ignorance or lack of reading. It is the totally adult and responsible choice that you can take the world ahead to be well. And that is impossible to eliminate completely. For a simple and silly reason: there are too many people who, in fact, has already done it successfully. Welcome to the world.

Be happy.

Of course they have understood – The things that make us happy