On Netflix and Disney+: 3 great series to watch this Wednesday

To get the summer holidays off to a good start, the CNET France editorial staff invites you to spend your Wednesday evening in front of particularly entertaining series, available in the catalogs of the Netflix and Disney+ streaming platforms. You choose !

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This Wednesday, discover without further delay the series Abbot Elementary, God’s Favorite Idiot and The End of the F***ing World.

What series to watch or watch again tonight on Netflix and Disney+?

A Fun Series: Abbot Elementary (Disney+)


In an underprivileged public school, a group of teachers do their best to offer their students the best possible educational conditions, but come up against many administrative difficulties.

The opinion of CNET France

Abbot Elementary is a comedy with heart, and even if it’s the summer holidays, we can only have a good time in this school.

Between a poorly managed administration and students who don’t always make it easy for them, Abbot’s teachers do their best with the means at hand. The viewer is touched by their willingness to do the maximum for their students while laughing at the tribulations that occupy them.

Created and driven by Quinta Brunson, Abbot Elementary is a series with solid and convincing writing with characters full of personalities and endearing. As it takes place in a public school in Philadelphia, with a predominantly African-American demographic, the series gives pride of place to diversity while using its humor to point out the inequalities and weaknesses of the American education system. .

In short, a nice cocktail of comedy and reality that make the series a success to discover without delay.

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A crazy series: God’s Favorite Idiot (Netflix)


Clark is a most ordinary man whose life has nothing particularly thrilling… Until the day he is chosen by God to be his messenger and help Heaven defeat Hell in a merciless war.

The opinion of CNET France

God’s Favorite Idiot features a banal character thrown into an extraordinary situation, so that inevitably leads to comical situations ideal for a comedy.

Led by the duo of Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy, the series is well paced and has fun pushing the limits of its offbeat humor as the episodes progress. If we do not laugh in front of each scene, we salute actors who sell their characters well and rather effective dialogues.

God’s Favorite Idiot is sometimes a little too benevolent, but the series takes place globally in the universe of the second degree and knows how to gently make fun of the concept of organized religion. We do not yet know if this comedy will have a second season, but while waiting for the first one, you can have a good time in front of the small screen.

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An atypical series: The End of the F***ing World (Netflix)


In this adaptation of the eponymous graphic novel, a young psychopath and a rebel go on an adventure on a high-energy road trip.

The opinion of CNET France

The End of the F***ing World marvelously manipulates dark humor in a story that is as surprising as it is captivating. The series explores how childhood or adolescent trauma can affect a person through tortured and bizarre characters.

The cast of the series, with Jessica Barden and Alex Lawther as headliners, is most convincing and helps to reinforce the awkward and chilling atmosphere of the show.

In two seasons, The End of the F***ing World invites the viewer to immerse themselves in an offbeat plot, by turns touching and explosive. The adventures of James and Alyssa are not easy and the series therefore takes us on a whirlwind of moments, each more amazing than the next.

In the end, we have a well-written and directed series with a particularly enticing soundtrack.

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