One of Us Is Lying

Janae, Bronwyn, Nate, Cooper and Addy, where did we leave them? Let’s recap: in the last scenes of the season 1 finale, the so-nicknamed Bayview Murder Club was in the woods, at the Halloween party, in front of the body of Jake Riordan.
The first season of teen drama One of us is lying closes with a truth: we discover, in fact, who killed Simon Kelleher.
Simon was killed by childhood friend Jake, cheerleader Addy’s ex-boyfriend (if you want to refresh your ideas even better, here is the review of the first season).

But Addy, that night, shoots Jake: In self-defense, sure, only the drama for the Bayview kids has just begun. Determined to help Addy get rid of the body, prevent them from forming thinking he can get away with it and have already been through too much to go to jail for a “monster” like Jake.
But someone knows their secret: already from the first episode of the second season, the boys begin to receive mysterious text messages, simultaneously, from someone posing as Simon.
The game “Simon says” begins and its purpose is to torture the group: whoever is behind these text messages wants justice for Jake and wants to find out which of the boys pulled the trigger.
Getting to the bottom of it won’t be without cost.

A nice deja vu: One of us is lying 2 takes us back to Rosewood, in the wake of pretty Little Liars

Intimidating SMS arriving simultaneously, you blackmailsuspense: there are quite a few ingredients that make this cocktail a mix Rosewood-style!
If you have watched – and even loved – the TV series pretty Little Liarsreminding you of this will not be difficult already from the first viewing of the opening of this second season of One of us is lying.
His name is not A, but the one who hides behind the nickname “Simon says” it has all the connotationsmaybe even too much.
The entire season, in fact, revolves around the torment of the group of protagonists provoked by a psychopathic stalker who wants revenge for Jake’s murder… But who? Who is “Simon says” in the second season of One of us is lying?

We will not reveal the name, because it would spoil the pleasure of watching a season that is all about this, built on a climax of tension that leads to the final twist – and we’re not just talking about the identity of “Simon says”.

But being so similar to another TV series, is it an advantage or a disadvantage?
be clear, One of us is lying 2 certainly has its reasonat least in the characters: a young and attractive castwhere each performer is perfect for their role. Among these emerges Addy (Annalisa Cochrane)maybe the character that we see more mature within the story, but not only: all characters face their demonsthey struggle with them and come out victorious, some more and some less.
While Addy realizes she’s worth so much more than Jake led her to believe, Janae becomes aware of her gender identityNate and Bronwyn come clean about their feelings for each other and Cooper lives his homosexuality no more hiding.

One of Us Is Lying 2, cast

Yet, too many details – if not the entire plot – take us back to the torments of Alison and the little liars of Rosewood: at times it is almost as embarrassing as this second season you look literally copied from pretty Little Liars.

But after all, who loved the gripping crime in pretty Little Liars he would be lying if he didn’t admit that he thought “wow, I would like to watch a TV series again that keeps me so in suspense and makes me feel like a detective with every episode!”.
One of us is lying 2 grant the wish: is inspired too much by the character of A (modus operandi, passion for information technology, mental disorders), but the result that comes out does not disappoint. An audience that is aware of what is happening on the screen, however, is pleasantly captured by it, even for the freshness of some details (characters speak the language of Generation Z and reflect the mice).
To answer the previous question, this strong resemblance between his tv series can be a good advantage for One of us is lying 2.

Unresolved doubts: what is Jake’s secret and what happens in the final scene of the last episode of the season?

Cooper, Addy and Janae, One of Us Is Lying 2

Self there will be a third season from One of us is lying it is clear from the season finale – assuming and granted that the TV series does not meet the same fate as many others canceled since Netflix.

The premises are all there the audience waits for at least a couple of responses: we know that Jake was hiding a secret that his brother Cole seems to want to protect at all costs… But what is Jake’s secret? The same one that drove Jake to kill Simon, who knew about it.

Furthermore, who poisons “Simon says” while in prison and especially, Who owns the blood at the crime scene? inside the Bayview high school that we see in the very last scenes? We have a little hint, but One of us is lying teaches us that appearances should never be trusted.

Three things we liked about One of us is lying 2

We have already mentioned one of these: the characters and the cast. The Crime Club is adorable, it’s true, but so are other supporting characters: Maeve and Vanessaand example, this last great revelation of the season. Vanessa has all the attributes of the case: rich, blatantly sexy, bitch, but very determined and intelligent. Who would have thought.

The work of the set designers and the MUA: speaking of Vanessa, did you realize how perfect the reconstruction of her bedroom is? LED frame of the mega mirror and “no prob” writing. Perfect.

Addy and Janae, One of Us Is Lying 2

And we want to talk about the hair and makeup? It is one of the most pleasant aspects of this season: a bit like in pretty Little Liarsalso the protagonists of our Crime Club parade on the set. Everyone with his style denotes an emerging and contemporary personality. Addy’s make-up and Kris’ make-up, with luminescent pigments, is what we would all like to be able to replicate at home. And what about the make-up of Addy and Janae at the gay party in the fifth episode? Spectacular.

Representation of the LGBTQIA+ scene: like any self-respecting Netflix production, too this season of One of us is lying there is a lot of inclusivenessan important aspect for a TV series that speaks to the new generations.

What is the best episode of One of us is lying 2?

Probably, the most engaging episode of the season is the fifththe one in which the boys think they are about to go to prison and decide to spend one last evening together, to move forward without remorse.
There are no technical acrobatics, subtleties of camera or editing, but team building in this episode it is notable and leads the viewer to become even more attached to the characters.

Direction – 3

Screenplay – 3.5

Photography – 3.5

Acting – 3.5

Sound – 3.5

Emotion – 3.5

One of Us Is Lying – Season 2: TV Series Review