[OPINIÓN] Hugo Palma: OAS, a little miracle

Please. October is horrible. The people ask for miracles; We can not. Every day everything gets more complicated. Despite our effort and sacrifice, the singing traitors reproduce, prices fly, they continue to lower our “risk rating” that we do not understand, but it would be less investment and higher interest, people get sick, children do not learn, the urea does not arrive, thousands of thousands do not want to work claiming that there is no work and even those of us who have brought the State to the happiness of the people fail us. That’s not fair. And to top it off, police, prosecutors, judges, comptrollers, ombudsmen, legislators and state attorneys conspire to get us out.

To defend ourselves, we ask the OAS to shelter us (which also means “to cover something”), but we don’t say so. So, we said to defend “democracy.” And although the others get upset and say that the OAS is useless, a mission is coming that hopefully will save us because we see no way out, although some of the living have already “exited.”

So far the request of the “government”. But let’s look at the OAS. International organizations exist because of their members and are governed by the treaties that created them. The United Nations cannot stop Russia’s aggression against Ukraine because its Charter establishes that the permanent members of the Security Council must agree. And murderous psychopath Putin doesn’t feel like it. The OAS, where there is no veto, does what its members want. The absolute majority are Latin American and Caribbean.

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And what do we want? What we are seeing. Already weak democracies, every day at greater risk of collapsing because many governments love to adorn themselves with epithets, but not the duty to be. Elections yes; democracy, which suits me. We sign anything to defend and promote it, but we will do what we see fit. Obviously, you have to make it pretty. Slowly. One day this, another a little more, and with time and perseverance, in small cracks like eating salami, we are left without democracy. But none recognize it. On the contrary, every day they will be more united because their common interest is to stay in power. A bit of corruption, another of legislation, the appointments are very important and, the main thing, repeat, repeat and repeat that everything is done for the people. Bad luck if, in addition to what you already suffer from, you are attacked by “common criminals”. The rulers are “special”.

Let’s wait for the OAS Mission. It is not impossible, although not certain, that they are honorable people. Either way, we should treat her with respect. What they bring is a request from the “government”, but their task is to investigate reality and this, like it or not, are the facts. Let’s present the facts; Facts, in the end, count. Wouldn’t it be worth more to answer specific questions that are put to the president, ministers and officials than the hollow litanies more typical of mourners with which they bore even the stones? The truth is what it is, and it is specific. In the end, whatever the mission reports, and the OAS Council decides today, which is not always the case, what happens will be the decision of the Peruvians and no one else. We are the sovereign and the OAS does not perform miracles, least of all for these requests.


[OPINIÓN] Hugo Palma: OAS, a little miracle