Overpriced or underpriced, what is Karmine’s new ADC Kaori worth?

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The love story in Rekkles and the Karmine Corp. turned sour at the end. The Swede will have been quickly ejected from the hearts of the fans… But to console themselves, the Ultras of the blue wall have found the ideal replacement: Kaori, an ADC who was at League of Legends Worlds in 2022. Being at Worlds means has become a bit of a magic wand that is self-sufficient in order to be respected. Many supporters praise him, even though he has not yet played a single game in the LFL.

For the pleasure of the debate and out of curiosity, we quickly delved into the case of the ADC. We studied his gameplay and watched some of his matches from the past season. What is KC Kaori really worth? Is it already a crack or do we risk being disappointed?

Kaori’s CV, encouraging but not that impressive

Kaori played the Worlds, it’s true and no one can take it away. He survived the Play-In with Evil Geniuses and qualified for the Main Event. On his way, he met big players like Deodkam, Hope, Flaked or Unforgiven. This experience will surely be invaluable to him for the rest of his career and we imagine that he will have no problem resisting the pressure. But the fans exaggerate the line a little too much. We can’t say that Kaori has conquered the world… In the group stage, EG won only one game to finish 1-5. The Play-In was also irregular with a rather inexplicable surprise loss against DFM. Moreover, even though the American team destroyed MAD Lions 3-0 in Bo5, Kaori was not really the central element during the match.

It wasn’t bad, far from it. But Inspired really smurfed during the series, with a steal from Nashor changing everything in Game 1. Players like Impact and Jojopyun also took good individual initiatives, where EG’s botlane played more defensively, following the pace of other players. To say that Kaori has gap Unforgiven is therefore a bit dishonest. Above all, he limited his risk-taking by playing weakside to wait for teamfights.

And then remember that Kaori found himself at the Worlds in special conditions. The potential holder in 2022 at EG in the botlane, it was Danny. But the latter suffered a burnout at the end of the season… We don’t know all the details, but his mental health had become fragile and the player felt a lot of fatigue. Kaori therefore came out of the woods at the last moment to play a high-level Bo5 against 100 Thieves (2-3 defeat) before flying off to the World Cup. Before that, he vegetated in the academy league with nearly 90 games in team 2… And for once, the results were very ways.

Before that, the player played several seasons in Turkey. He has never won the TCL, but has twice won the academic league. The Turk has therefore mostly proven in team 2 so far. He is promising, but he is not yet an international star.

A perfect playstyle for the Karmine Corp?

But if Kaori is not yet a crack recognized by all, he could very quickly become one… His style of play seems to fit perfectly with the identity of KC and his teammates. We didn’t have the courage to watch all the games played last year with Evil Geniuses Academy… But we first dissected his games, at the LCS and at the Worlds. And for us, Kaori is a real psychopath. He loves to play with limits and keeps his flash until the last moment to surprise. Even when he steps back, he makes a point of inflicting maximum damage and fighting outnumbered doesn’t scare him. He marks his territory aggressively and never lowers his eyes. If we allow ourselves a little wild comparison, it reminds us a little of Doublelift, the American ADC. Let’s also add that we had the opportunity to interview Kaori during the Worlds after a defeat (Fnatic) and he had a big tryharder mentality. He was not under pressure and only thought of winning…a good sign for the future.

But if Kaori loves fighting, he does it intelligently and collectively. With EG, he knew perfectly how to follow his teammates in aggression, even if it meant putting himself in danger. It’s pretty rare for an ADC, but with players like Cabochard, Saken, and Skeanz, the connection seems natural. In mentality as in style of play, he should even fit much better than a Rekkles. For us, Kaori will finally really explode at the highest level with the Karmine Corp.. It’s not yet a crack today, but in 6 months it will be indisputably.


Jankos in Japan, a not innocent “surprise” meeting

Jankos is currently in bootcamp in South Korea. While he has not yet officially announced his next destination on League of Legends, he has allowed himself a short getaway to Japan… He met another well-known player there, as if by chance!

Overpriced or underpriced, what is Karmine’s new ADC Kaori worth?