Pachelo’s brother declared: “Nicolás is a murderer”

They ask to examine Pachelo’s cell phone

The prosecutors of the trial for the crime of María Marta García Belsunce today requested the opening and analysis of the cell phone that belongs to Nicolás Pachelo, the main accused of the murder of the sociologist, after an alleged use of it was recorded during the period of time in which it should be seized for a parallel cause.

The Deputy Attorney General of San Isidro, Patricio Ferrari, requested at the beginning of the 22nd. hearing that the Oral Criminal Court 4 of San Isidro allow the accusing party to access the opening and analysis of the cell phone seized from Pachelo (46), and that its content be included as evidence in the trial for the crime of García Belsunce.

Ferrari explained that the device was seized at 6:00 p.m. on August 17 after the court, made up of judges Federico Ecke, Osvaldo Rossi and Esteban Andrejin, ordered an investigation into the use of social networks by the main defendant, after the The day before, he opened an Instagram and posted a video on his YouTube channel to expose his vision of the case.

As explained by the prosecutor, information was obtained on the opening and location of the cell phone in the framework of a new case processed by the prosecutor Gastón Garbus of the Functional Unit of Instruction (UFI) of Martínez, for the threats to the journalist Martín Candalaft, who received an anonymous intimidating call after a note mentioning Pachelo’s networks.

“In the framework of this investigation, we want to tell you that we are once again surprised by a situation regarding the use of Pachelo’s telephony, that even what we knew has been seized since that day. We warned that on August 30, said phone was logged into the Telegram instant messaging service, an application that allows you to delete messages, “said Ferrari.

After that brief introduction, the representative of the Public Ministry exposed a series of openings of antennas and calls of the line that Pachelo owns, which is in the name of a woman and is registered at Avenida Del Libertador 184 in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Retiro, historical address of the accused.

“From the list of opening of antennas and calls, it appears that on August 16 and 17 until 6:00 p.m. an antenna was opened in La Plata, 400 meters from the prison where Pachelo is located. But on August 17, an hour after its seizure, and until the next day, it was captured by different antennas in the Federal Capital. If it was seized, how is it that it was going around the Capital?”, the prosecutor asked, adding that between the 18th and the 28th no activity was recorded again, on the 29th an antenna took it again in the City of Buenos Aires and on the 30th in Unit 9 of La Plata.

“In short, we are going to request an extension when it comes to answering the sanction of the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service (SPB) to analyze the new arguments. We ask that the anomalous situation of the location of that telephone line be investigated, when strictly speaking it should have been seized by members of the SPB”, he concluded.

For their part, Pachelo’s defense attorneys, Raquel Pérez Iglesias and Marcelo Rodríguez Jordan, opposed the prosecution’s request by mentioning that it would be necessary to distinguish what is the telephone set from the line, which is in the name of a woman who does not have any restrictions.

“The situation in Candalaf occurred after the seizure of the phone, where there was no activity,” said Pérez Iglesias.

After a fourth intermission, the court did not allow the opening of the telephone, until the natural prosecutor of the case is issued and, in addition, reported that Pachelo was authorized to have and use a new cell phone, although within the protocol authorized for prisoners since the pandemic and for which they have to limit themselves to using it to communicate with their relatives.

Before the decision of the TOC, the prosecutor Ferrari asked that his protest to the resolution be recorded.

After this resolution, the trial continued with the statement of Francisco Pachelo, the defendant’s brother who, according to two witnesses who already testified at the trial, stated that Carmel’s former neighbor was the murderer of García Belsunce.

Pachelo’s brother declared: “Nicolás is a murderer”