Pedri puts the lyrics, by Joan Josep Pallàs

Andrés Iniesta told this newspaper last Sunday that what moves him when he watches football, now that he has provisionally become a commentator, are players like Pedri. He said the following: “What I like is that Pedri-type player, who doesn’t care if he’s playing in his town or in any stadium, with that naturalness and that enjoyment of football, that feeling that he does everything well, that anything makes it simple, that gets my attention”. Who takes the opposite to Iniesta? I don’t and you, I would venture to say, probably neither.

Pedri used the match against Costa Rica, his debut in a World Cup, to show himself to the planet, once he already did it with the old continent in the last Euro Cup, being one of the best players in that tournament. It would not be surprising if he sneaks into the podium of the most outstanding figures of this World Cup. It will depend on how it goes for Spain, which has started its journey very well. Scoring goals, but above all, playing with his own very recognizable style. This type of identity seals, much more than singing the anthem like a psychopath, usually grants options for success. Knowing what is at stake, that is the question.

Gavi and Pedri, during Spain Costa Rica

Francisco Seco

The canary, who turns 20 this Friday, led the first major round of the World Cup

Pedri led the infinite round that Spain submitted to Costa Rica. The canary, in the first half, adorned his control of space and time with three goal passes that were not because Asensio, twice, and Olmo, once, were not fine with the aim on that occasion.

Costa Rica was overwhelmed by the opponent’s superiority. He was chasing shadows the entire match. His players lost their strength before beginning to give themselves viscerally in the interpretation of their country’s anthem. Those choral overperformances, completely respectable, are of little use. Never seen ones similar to the ones that the Brazilians starred in at their World Cup, in 2014. They suffered a kind of patriotic-musical trance as if guided by a shaman. Result: 1-7 against the Germans.

In that Spain has an advantage by not having its lyrics anthem. For lyricist, Pedri. Luis Enrique is so clear that after 55 minutes he took him off the field. With 3-0 in favor, Pedri had chased the Costa Rican left-back to make a cover thinking about the team. That is also poetry. For Luis Enrique. For any coach. Germany is playing on Sunday, it is a priority to reserve him.

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Starting a World Cup so placidly is great news for the team led by Luis Enrique. It could be attributed to the rival’s laziness, but much better than being in the shoes of Argentina, struck down by Saudi Arabia, or Germany, beaten by Japan.

On Sunday Spain-Germany acquires tremendous significance. If the Germans lose they will be virtually out of the World Cup and Pedri will be able to continue entertaining Andrés Iniesta. And with him to all of us who enjoy his football.

Pedri puts the lyrics, by Joan Josep Pallàs