Pedro Rodrigues, the murderer of more than 70 criminals who is now a youtuber

Justice for some and psychopath for others, this is how the controversial serial killer known as Pedro Matadorwho after committing at least a hundred homicides became a celebrity in Youtube.

A strict moral code, a dysfunctional family and a particular ‘modus operandi’ were the ingredients that catapulted his criminal success. With an insatiable thirst for justice and revenge, Brazilian Pedro Rodrigues proved that even the most ruthless killers can achieve redemption and even become big stars.

His logic, thought and criminal behavior have been compared to the television character of ‘Dexter Morgan’, because like the latter, his victims were individuals with a criminal record. From drug dealers to pedophiles, rapists and thieves, Rodrigues took it upon himself to carry out massive social cleansing.

“I kill for pleasure” is the brief but direct phrase tattooed on the forearm with which the Brazilian serial killer described the motivations that led him to commit his numerous crimes. With a long list of homicides behind him, the question that arises is how did a reckless murderer and vigilante get to have more than 184 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel?

Who is Pedro Matador?

Born on June 17, 1954, in the Brazilian municipality of Santa Rita do Sapucaí, in the state of Minas Gerais, Pedro Rodrigues grew up in the midst of a complex family context in which violence, fights and problems were the order of the day. .

He was just a fetus when he had to face the first of many hostile acts in his family circle. He had not even left her mother’s womb when she received a beating from her father that resulted in a strong skull injury.

Although no one could know it, the brain trauma would not only be expensive for him, but also for all of Brazil, because according to some experts who have evaluated Rodrigues’ criminal behavior and violent instincts, the blow received would have affected areas associated with empathy and reaction to environmental stimuli. This, added to his childhood domestic violence and other genetic factors, would make him the perfect mix for a potential serial killer.

His first criminal behavior dates back to the young age of 14, when intoxicated with anger and revenge he decided to lash out at the mayor of Alfenas for unfairly dismissing his father, after accusing him of stealing school breakfasts at the school where he worked as a security guard.

Without mercy or remorse, he would have ended the life of the local president with his grandfather’s shotgun, and then cold-bloodedly murdered the one he sensed would be the real food assailant.

Entering the world of drug trafficking

While still a minor, Pedro managed to evade justice for the first time. Mogi das Cruzes, in the state of São Paulo, was the destination chosen to carry out his task. There he not only found a place to hide from the authorities, but also discovered love and entered the dark world of drug trafficking.

Although his romance with Botinha, the widow of a drug trafficking leader, was fleeting due to his early liquidation by the Police, his relationship with drug trafficking lasted much longer, to the point of becoming one of the greatest leaders of the drug business in Brazil. Shot after shot, he earned a reputation as one of the most feared killers.

“I’m just a murderer” is how the cataloged ‘perfect murderer’ defines himself in a report made by the television program ‘Fantastic’ in 1996. The events that occurred between 1968 and 2003 would undoubtedly confirm his statements to the press

Moved by paranoia, fury and revenge, ‘Pedrinho Matador’ decided to undertake a search to find the one who had betrayed him. He was more than convinced that Botinha’s death exceeded the limits of a police raid. The truth was not long in coming and with it a new wave of violence.

Very much in the style of ‘Pedrinho Matador’, the serial killer broke into a wedding party in which a rival drug trafficker nicknamed ‘The Director’ was present. He shot dead seven people in the middle of the celebration, while wounding 16 more as part of his retaliation for having caused his then-partner to be killed.

the most heinous crime

The real terror came when she learned one of the most difficult news of her life: her father had brutally killed her mother with 21 stab wounds with a machete.

Intrusive thoughts and an overflowing frenzy began to flood each of the remaining flashes of lucidity. He couldn’t think of another scenario other than visiting his father in jail and giving her a barrage of cuts with a machete. Then, seeing him turned into a corpse of cut flesh, she decided to make an incision in his chest and ferociously remove his heart.

But the heinous crime did not stop there, once he removed the throbbing organ from his father, he proceeded to tear off a piece with his teeth and throw it away.

the end of freedom

At just 19 years old, on May 24, 1973, Rodrigues was arrested and charged with the crimes of robbery, drug trafficking and multiple homicides. However, despite what many might think, the imprisonment did not bring good results for the now “youtuber”, who in prison dedicated himself to sowing terror among his fellow convicts. 47 were the inmates and guards killed at his hands.

According to the confessions made by Pedro to the Brazilian media, among the murders was that of a friend of his, whom he killed because some time ago he had killed his sister. “Death is paid with death” was the motto of Rodrigues during his stay in prison.

The crimes committed in prison increased his sentence to 400 years, so when the possibility of accessing freedom came up in 2003, it was quickly discarded. It was not until 2007 that a new opportunity loomed before prisoners who had already spent 30 or more years serving their sentence. He was released on April 24 of that same year by a Brazilian law that repealed the indefinite detention of diagnosed psychopaths.

In 2011 he was captured again for participating in six riots and threatening to kill the then-serial killer nicknamed ‘Park Maniac’.

Regarding the capture, the official statements of one of the agents of the Civil Police Division of Criminological Investigations assure that they received “anonymous information that ‘Pedrinho Matador’ was hiding somewhere in the city of Camboriú. We made efforts to pinpoint Pedrinho’s location more precisely, and the information that he traveled to the region was actually confirmed, and so we have made the arrest.”

From serial killer to YouTube star

After paying his sentence, he was released in 2018. Currently, at 68 years old, he has become a phenomenon on the video platform, thanks to the fact that he comments on and analyzes crimes committed by others. He is a speaker, writer and documentarian.

It has more than 180 thousand subscribers on YouTube and has become living proof that redemption can be achieved even for the most feared, ruthless and ferocious serial killers.

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Pedro Rodrigues, the murderer of more than 70 criminals who is now a youtuber