People were horrified by the trailer, but the first episode of ‘Scandal: Story of an Obsession’ has hooked and fascinated viewers

The Telecinco series has been widely criticized for pedophilia and pedophilia, even the Spanish Foundation of Christian Lawyers requested its cancellation before the premiere.


The most controversial Spanish series of recent years has already been released. Scandal: story of an obsession generated a wave of criticism on social media after posting its first trailer. The fiction starring Alexandra Jiménez and Fernando Lindez was accused of “apology for pedophilia” for its converted plot: a 42-year-old woman becomes obsessed with a 15-year-old boy. To the surprise, the Telecinco series has conquered the viewers they have given it a chance.

Despite not surpassing in audience the special of Catch a million, the controversial series has been trending on Twitter all night. The viewers who have seen the first chapter on the main Mediaset channel have filled the well-known social network with compliments towards Scandalthey have even pointed out that “it is a Zas en toda la boca” to those who criticized it. And, just before the series was broadcast, the Spanish Foundation of Christian Lawyers asked for its cancellation, considering that it whitewashed “pedophilia” and “pedophiles”.

However, the audience has highlighted that the plot goes beyond the romance between a mature woman and a boy. “It is a story of vicarious violence, psychological abuse and a toxic obsession that sinks the victim to the depths“, writes a user on Twitter. “It has very hard content, expressions and dialogues, but 100% are real,” says another.

‘Scandal, story of an obsession’: the real age of Fernando Lindez, the one in charge of interpreting Hugo in the controversial Telecinco series

Most viewers have also highlighted that Scandal invites to reflexion“. “He talks about many issues that, unfortunately, occur today and that it is very important to know how to manage,” acknowledges a user in a tweet. In addition, the audience has confessed that they “have been hooked” and, the progress of the following episode, has left them “wanting more”.

One of the keys to Scandal liked the audience is its protagonists. “One of the best actresses in this country,” writes a viewer about Alexandra Jiménez. And it is that if something has stood out from fiction it is the interpretation “wonderful” and “sublime” of the actress. “How barbaric Alexandra Jiménez, and how hard the story of Inés, how sad…”, says another user.

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People were horrified by the trailer, but the first episode of ‘Scandal: Story of an Obsession’ has hooked and fascinated viewers