Plus belle la vie (spoilers): a very dangerous ghost from the past is back

On August 4 in Plus belle la vie (8:20 p.m., France 3), Mirta helps a needy person, Patrick and Jean-Paul arrest Prune and Justine and Baptiste find themselves face to face with a dangerous psychopath…

In the Thursday, August 4, 2022 episode of More beautiful life, Mirta (Sylvie Flepp) holds Yolanda (Elizabeth Commelin) remotely for a few days. She invents that she is seeing someone and that she has no time to discuss, Luna (Anne Decis) hears this conversation. The latter and Yolande are curious. Mirta actually goes to confession. His priest is worried, he hasn’t heard from a faithful who has been homeless for a few days, Nelson. Mirta sets out to find him. She finds the trace of the homeless man and offers him her help. He accepts and she receives him at her home. Akira is not happy to see this man in the hotel. Mirta reframes her and lets her know that she should learn to be supportive. She returns to the church and explains that caring for Nelson helped her forget about her cancer for a while.

patrick (Jerome Bertin) and Jean Paul (Stéphane Hénon) plan to pay a bribe to Prune so they can arrest him for corruption. They give her an appointment at the Mistral, she accepts the sum with pleasure. The tickets are traced, they follow her and take action to challenge her. This falls from the clouds, she is taken to the station. She admits to having invented the story of the bribe but that for the rest, everything is misunderstanding. Their babies had really been selected for the shoot! Prune almost manages to make Patrick and Jean-Paul doubt themselves, but they don’t take the bait… except that she was telling the truth!

Baptiste and Justine in the footsteps of a guru in Plus belle la vie

Baptist (Bryan Treasure) wants to explain to mathis what represents Justine for him. She thinks it might be too fast… They are interrupted because the police have identified the person to whom the fingerprint found at the site of a fire started belongs: it would be Olivier, the guru of the sect who attacked Patrick and Emilie (Laurie Bordesoules) a few months ago. But this one wears an electronic bracelet and where the fire broke out is too far from where he can walk. If he had been there, a signal would have alerted the police. Baptiste would like Olivier to be arrested right away but there is not enough evidence yet. The authorities want to wait a little longer. The young man refuses to stand idly by: he sneaks in with Justine at Olivier’s and sees him preach. He talks about fires to his disciples and how it will purify the earth… Baptiste films this speech. In parallel, Kevin (Theo Bertrand) drugs Camille (Lisa Cipriani) without her knowledge, with the complicity ofEmma (Pauline Bression). He steals his phone and goes to upload all the data to the police station. He shows Emma what he has found: a text message sent to César (Grant Lawrens) by Camille, the day he was last seen.To be continued in More beautiful life…

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Plus belle la vie (spoilers): a very dangerous ghost from the past is back