Portfolio times in AEW and WWE

Under the financial support of Tony Khan, AEW has come to base much of its appeal on new signings. An art in which he plays with an advantage, since the freedom for his contractors to fight in other companies is more open than that of WWE. Despite being immersed in this new post-Vince McMahon era, the big sports show tent commanded creatively by Triple H He has not given his arm to twist. There are exceptions, like the fight that Shinsuke Nakamura will have with the legend The Great Muta in New Years in NOAH, but the game, with other rules, remains the same. However, far from being just a way to place similar pieces on the new board, the yernísimo wants to attract, as if it were an election, as many fans as possible. It’s portfolio times at America’s two largest companies.

He has managed to convince Johnny Gargano Y Candice LeRae after not renewing his contract last year, and has brought back the psychopath Dexter Lumisthree quarters of hit-row –Ashante ‘Thee’ Adonis, Top Dolla and B-Fab–, to the always reliable dakota kaito the monster among monsters Braun Strowmanto the apocalyptic duo of Karrion Kross Y Scarlett and, to the delight of AJ Styles, to The Good Brothers – Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. The last, emma, responded to the open challenge of Ronda Rousey in the past SmackDown. The eldest, the return of Bray Wyatt with a mysterious character about whom very little is still known; the White Rabbit was just the beginning. And it can still come tegan nox or Mia Yim.

Ascents to the main roster and changes in the characters apart, what do these old acquaintances contribute to WWE? Who else, of course, is the victim of Uncle Howdy and his intentions, a master at the microphone and a differential magnet for fishing in the lake of casual viewers. Dakota Kai, with her Damage CTRL partners Iyo Sky and Bayley, have supposed the most important transfer in terms of use in what Triple H leads the creative section. Karrion Kross and his companion Scarlett, on the other hand, contribute a possible top heel to SmackDown. The rest, much to their regret, are patches. Gargano and LeRae have not made a difference on Raw, it is not seen that Dexter Lumis will have anything relevant from these kidnappings of The Miz -beyond adding entertainment on screen-, and The Good Brothers, Braun Strowman, Hit Row and Emma will be part of the programming, but they will not give to talk.

The benefits of the WWE project are not the news, but the tweaks to give greater relevance to what happens on the ring and separate from some caricatured characters. Examples of this are having empire in its maximum splendor, Butch petedunnedthe descent into comfort from the madness of Nikki Cross and the twist of Judgment Daywith Finn Bálor and Rhea Ripley coming out reinforced.

However, the returns at the stroke of a checkbook create a bottleneck which unlike AEW, Triple H has to worry about. The Nightmare Factory, associated territory for the recruitment of possible future fighters of the Jacksonville company, does not have as much weight and relevance as NXT and the Performance Center do. It is true that in the current litter there are many who need extra time to reach an optimal level to be candidates for promotion, although Carmel Hayes, bron breakker, the creed brothers, Mandy Rose either Saray They could soon reach the top of their careers in the already yellow and white mark.

And even without going to the base: the Raw and SmackDown locker rooms they’re taking over fallen fighters from programming. It would not be unreasonable to think that after WrestleMania 39 the list of dismissals will be long and painful. And in AEW something similar will end up happening, only Tony Khan will let the contracts expire so that the dance can begin. Changing partners! Now Hunter dances with Andrade El Ídolo and Khan with Cedric Alexander.

It will be the bad months, his innumerable problems behind the curtains, which have overshadowed his good work in the stories and feuds on the ring, which have helped WWE to become that current figure of high-end company. But AEW suffers from the evil of ‘big names debuting, bland track record afterwards’ that can be replicated soon in the other company.

For every signing someone loses their screen time, and for every regime change there is a rearrangement of the board. But in this race to survive In an increasingly diverse medium and with a gradually diminishing impact on pop culture, close to a renegotiation of television agreements, the salvation It’s in capturing the resigned former faithful and potential new lovers of pro wrestling.

Perhaps the WWE youth academy is not at its best, but play under the same strategy as Tony Khanwhen the conditions are different, you can only bring a vicious circle that benefits and at the same time harms superstars. For there to be such a movement in the market someone will have to get fed up in the catering queue, who will later find happiness in a rival promoter. There will be no greater loser than the young talent on the rise and the companies with less cachet, which, although they receive new faces, will be devoid of their best assets. But we’ll smile I guess.

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Portfolio times in AEW and WWE