‘Predator, locked locks’, Mendy’s alleged chilling methods exposed during his trial

This Monday takes place in Chester (England) on the second day of the trial of Benjamin Mendy, accused of eight rapes, an attempted rape and a sexual assault by seven different women. The alleged facts took place between 2018 and 2021. The world champion has already pleaded not guilty. But in recent hours, we know more about the facts of which he is accused and the methods that Mendy would have used to achieve his ends with his many female victims. One of the most anticipated moments of this Monday was the speech of the prosecutor Timothy Cray in front of the two defendants Benjamin Mendy and Louis Saha Matturie.

And this last one is chilling…

heavy charges

Timothy Cray has indeed unveiled point by point the charges against Mendy and his co-defendant. According to the prosecutor, Mendy demonstrated a “ruthless indifference” to potential victims. The footballer’s massive home in Cheshire is said to have played a part in the “taking control of their victims” because of the “isolated” character of the manor. Cray says the victims were deprived of their cellphones and any access to the outside world. They were then taken to rooms they believed to be locked. : “The door could only be opened from inside the room and only one person knew how to unlock this system”.

Benjamin Mendy is even defined as a “predator” who considered that “These women were disposable: things to use for sex, then tossed aside.” Also according to Timothy Cray, Mendy wanted “every woman who came to his house was available for sexual relations”.

If he is presumed innocent before a contrary verdict, Benjamin Mendy risks between 4 and 19 years in prison.

Internet users react

This information on the details of Mendy’s trial has logically been much commented on.

We could see in particular on Twitter :

  • “Why talk about this case here? It does not concern anyone. Justice does its job, it only concerns Mendy and the judges.”
  • “3 2 1 The defenders of this psychopath will arrive… Even when he is condemned they will still be there to defend this sh*t”
  • “Mdrrrr it’s worse than t-bag prison break him jppp He went from a possible best left side in Europe to the prison box what do you think of your career”
  • “It’s quite common in luxury properties. In the event of an incursion by malicious people, the owners and their guests can isolate themselves there.”
  • “We came across one of the greatest psychos in history, just like Landru or Fourniret.”
  • “It’s the principle of safes or personal panic rooms. The door remains open and the person will take refuge inside. Can only be opened from the inside. After each use… But that’s the principle”


‘Predator, locked locks’, Mendy’s alleged chilling methods exposed during his trial