Priest denounces that he suffered a brutal attack at the hands of a “hitman” in Mexico

A Mexican priest recently suffered a brutal attack when entering Queréndaro, in the state of Michoacán, and denounced that it was a “hit man.”

Father Mateo Calvillo Paz, of the clergy of the Archdiocese of Morelia, denounced in a letter that the attack took place in just three minutes.

“It was a professional attack,” he said. “They blocked my car (and) beat me up.”

“The aggressor must have been a hit man,” continued the priest, and described the criminal as a “psychopath.”

The Mexican priest said his attacker “was very tall and strong, dark, with a receding hairline.”

“He had a gun in his fists,” he said, noting that the attacker “walked up to me, opened my car door (and) smashed my face, leaving it bleeding horribly“, he pointed.

For Fr. Calvillo Paz there is no “reason” behind the attack, because “he was a psychopath, they do not reason or have controls.”

The priest received the help of a local priest, Fr. Rafael Juárez, and was taken to the Asunción Clinic, in Queréndaro.

“This attack, I had foreseen it, it can touch us all, I am tempted to say: it will touch us. We must be aware and be prepared, study our reaction, a mistake can be deadly”, he said.

It was very cheap for me, if I think about the fate of the murdered Jesuit brothers and in so many deaths and massacres,” he added, recalling the recent murder of Jesuit priests Javier Campos Morales and Joaquín César Mora Salazar, which occurred on June 20 inside a church at the hands of an organized crime ringleader, in the Sierra Tarahumara, in the state of Chihuahua.

Calvillo Paz assured that he felt “honored to be the brother of the victims of violence, innocent, murdered, wounded, stripped of their belongings, expelled from their towns.”

“Of so many reported deaths and those not reported, the lost children, disappeared or enrolled with drug traffickers and criminals, all the innocents that Andrés Manuel does not defend because he is giving hugs to the murderers and protects drug traffickers, ‘because they are also human beings,’” he said, directly criticizing the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and his policy of “hugs, not bullets” towards organized crime.

Near the end of his letter, the Mexican priest asked all Mexicans: “Take good care of yourselves, please! Take your distance from the criminal gangs, collect yourself at home.

Then, he asked: “Value your government! No more theater of politics, with a cult of personality, ideology, propaganda. A show of terrible quality, without art”.

The priest asked that in future elections voters not accept “gifts” in exchange for their votes, since it is necessary for the authorities to fulfill “their duty: to protect the lives of citizens and their rights.”

Finally, Fr. Calvillo Paz encouraged Mexicans to “return to God, convert, make him the center of your life”.

“Shall I tell you why? He was with me and saved me. Of that I am a grateful witness and crazy with happiness, ”he concluded.

According to the Centro Católico Multimedial, since Andrés Manuel López Obrador assumed the government of Mexico, there have been seven murdered Catholic priests.

In just 3 and a half years of the López Obrador administration, more than 121,000 homicides have been registered in the country, which could exceed the more than 156,000 murders committed during the six years of the government of his predecessor, Enrique Peña Nieto.

From January 1 to July 3 of this year, according to official figures, 13,389 homicides have been registered in Mexico.

Priest denounces that he suffered a brutal attack at the hands of a “hitman” in Mexico