Profile of the psychopath who lures his victim with prebends

After the Public ministry determined that the adolescent Cruz Snayderlin Dadus Poche (Yeilin) ​​was dismembered and buried in some bushes by a neighbor who had summoned her to a place to give her an iPhone, the psychiatrist José Miguel Gómez explains that the psychopath or highly dangerous homicide develops dexterity and ability to detect his victim very easily.

The behavioral professional explains that the psychopath manages the emotional and affective part of his victim, discovering how to gratify her, compensate her and offer her things to attract her or make her take the bait.

“Evidently, in this family, he took advantage of a teenager from a poor family to buy her with prebends of gifts and a cell phone. However, once the conquest, prior to that there is threat, extortion, blackmail, intimacy and above all control. In the end, he unfortunately decides to kill her, but he had previously killed another person, ”he details.

In this sense, Miguel Gómez says that cases of psychopaths who commit homicides without a history of violating social norms are rare. Therefore, he questions the high number of people with criminal records who are released due to lack of evidence, when, according to him, the judicial authorities can use the forensic psychiatry units to evaluate them in psychiatric and psychological terms before placing them. on freedom.

“Before releasing him, they must listen to the opinion of a psychologist, so that he can deliver to justice what the individual’s diagnosis, prognosis, risk indicators and pathology are. They are highly dangerous individuals who should have been prevented, stayed in prison or received some psychosocial rehabilitation treatment inside the prison,” he explained, while pointing out that this would have prevented Yailin’s murderer from returning to the street to kill a second person. .

Profile of a psychopath

When asked what the profile of a highly dangerous psychopath or homicide would be, the psychiatrist stated that most of them are cold, calculating, distant and manipulative. In addition, he points out that these individuals like control, submission and power over their victims. “But above all, they are impulsive and violent, be it with verbal or physical aggression or extortion.”

However, he maintains that it is difficult to identify the psychopath who has a high level of education, since he has an appearance, is skillful, has a strategy and a way to coerce, as well as victimize and control the victim.

He explains that the first thing the high-level psychopath does with the victim is to break the bonds of his family, making him make enemies of his father, his mother, his brothers and his friends. He indicates that the second step of the psychopath is to destroy the self-esteem of her victim, disregarding her and playing with her.

“He proceeds to victimize her, threaten her and blackmail her, but, at the same time, he gives her a gift and says he loves her. So he confuses her emotionally and after he has control of her, he uses her in terms of taking resources from her or exploiting her. In the end, if he understands that she is losing control, then he proceeds to aggressiveness, ”he adds.

On the contrary, it maintains that the psychopath with a low educational level and a poor social stratum is accompanied by drug or alcohol abuse, disproportionate impulsiveness, defiance, aggressiveness and a lack of ability to discriminate the elements of impulsiveness for what he intends to do. Psychiatrist José Miguel Gómez during an interview on Despierta with CDN

Pay attention to the individual

“Look, he left a lot of evidence. He did it in the first murder and in the second. Similarly, if you go back a little, and remember the guy who killed the three children in Herrera, he was a quiet social type, isolated from the family, social and community context. The guy manipulated the mom and the others. Sometimes the family identifies it, but we stay with the problems of the couple”, he expresses.

Therefore, it suggests that family members with high-risk and dangerous behavior patterns be followed up, where there is emotional, physical, psychological and financial abuse, since most end in tragedy. Likewise, it proposes working on the self-esteem of children and adolescents, to prevent them from being easy prey for psychopaths.

“When a boy, girl or adolescent works on their self-esteem or self-concept, their identity, their emotional strength, they are given the security that they can achieve things and they are taught to set limits, to say no, they are teaches assertive communication that we listen to them and they can tell us what happens to them at home, and we can believe them, we sensitize them and guide them on these issues, it is very difficult for an adolescent with good and healthy self-esteem to be manipulated or bought by a psychopath,” he says.

school role

Similarly, he understands that when schools work on adolescents’ self-esteem and teach them social resilience, they develop skills and abilities to identify the person who can mistreat them. “They learn, above all, to say don’t touch me, don’t hit me, don’t threaten me, I’m going to tell my parents,” she adds.

When an adolescent learns these things, he obtains greater self-confidence and better prevention of violence, both physical, psychological, emotional and sexual abuse that affects society.

Profile of the psychopath who lures his victim with prebends