“The psychopathic psychiatrist, the femicidal psychiatrist, who from his position has woven protection networks, will not be able to go unpunished and we will not rest until this happens,” the statement said in a public statement. Association of Feminist Doctors of Chilein relation to the dramatic case that occurred in Arica, where the psychiatrist of the Legal Medical Service of that city, Ricardo Yévenes Ramírez, He is charged and in pretrial detention as the perpetrator of the femicide of his partnermidwife Fabiola Vargas.

The professional was admitted to the Arica Hospital, where she died at 10:55 p.m. on Wednesday, December 21, due to the multiple injuries suffered by the brutal attack.

The representative board of the The feminist group is made up of doctors Danae Sinclaire Tijero, Libertad Méndez Núñez, Valentina Bustos Bottai, Catalina Monti Espinoza and Javiera Rojas Ulloa, and in their statement they maintain that “the practice of medicine supposes a professional act charged with respect, compassion and generosity in the face of the vulnerability of those who are undergoing an illness. In the practice of psychiatry, the foregoing is even more transcendental, since one lives daily with vulnerable people who open up their intimacy and deepest feeling to us. Whoever exercises this beautiful discipline has an indisputable place of power over their patients that must be recognized and handled with great caution and ethics by the physicians”.

The professionals add that “if within the work of the professional are the provision of services to justice, we enter a sphere where in addition to demanding impartiality and high professional ethics, the social weight of patients falls on whoever performs this task and their families who demand justice. Therefore, it is logical that the moral quality of those who fulfill this role must be faultless.

“Disappointed by the silence of our colleagues”

The statement also points out that “we consider as psychiatrists belonging to Medifem, that the fact is particularly serious since the relationship between Yévenes and his victim is configured from the beginning in an area of ​​absolute asymmetry such as the doctor-patient relationshipoutside of all professional ethics, which for a psychopath translates into a tool to maintain control and subdue his victim.”

In the same way, the group expresses that “as women, as doctors, we repudiate the fact that events like this are less serious. We are deeply disappointed by the silence of our colleagues, especially psychiatrists and psychiatric societies, in the face of these macabre events. It is urgent to report that the Being a psychiatrist in a position of power like that of Ricardo Yévenes, is not a guarantee that we will not find ourselves facing a psychopath, an aggressor, a batterer. The violence of this subject unfortunately came to light after the brutal attack on Fabiola. But, is it that we should wait for more events like this to happen to publicly condemn them?”, the statement ends.

“Psychiatrist-psychopath”: feminist doctors express their repudiation after the femicide of a midwife at the hands of a professional from the Arica SML