“Psychopath and narcissist”, the profile that points to Pachelo as the author of the crime

Three psychological and psychiatric examinations concluded that Nicolás Pachelo, the main defendant in the third trial for the crime of María Marta García Belsunce, has a “psychopathic and narcissistic” personality that matches that of the author of a crime like the one that happened in 2002 in the country Carmel de Pilar.

These three reports -to which Télam agreed-, are one of the elements with which the prosecutors who carry out the accusation in the trial will try to persuade the judges of the Oral Criminal Court (TOC) 4 of San Isidro to Convict María Marta’s ex-neighbor as the author of the homicide.

“His profile as a psychopath with a need for control, dominance and triumph over the fact will clearly show a behavior that fully coincides with that of the person responsible for the crime.”

The deputy attorney general of San Isidro, Patricio Ferrari, in the presentation of the guidelines of the accusation that he made at the opening of the debate on July 13, dedicated one of the six .32 caliber bullets that he placed on a small table – made a parallelism between each bullet the victim received and the six key points of the accusation-, to talk about Pachelo’s personality (46).

“His profile of a psychopath with a need for control, dominance and triumph over the fact will clearly show a behavior fully consistent with the person responsible for the crime,” Ferrari said at the time.

Already in their request of September 2018, the prosecutors of Pilar Andrés Quintana (who also participates in this oral debate) and María Inés Domínguez (now deceased), who fully reinvestigated the case after the acquittal of the widower Carlos Carrascosa and brought to trial to Pachelo and the two ex-vigilantes, they mentioned these key skills regarding the personality of Carmel’s conflictive ex-neighbor.

• First report

The first of the three reports that will be presented in this trial was carried out in 2015, at the request of the then prosecutors in the García Belsunce, Leonardo Loiterstein and Daniel Márquez case, by María Eugenia Cariac and Liliana Patricia Rodríguez, two experts in criminology and behavior analysis of the Mar del Plata Delegation of the Scientific Police.

There, the psychologists concluded that Pachelo “has all the personality characteristics that the perpetrator of the crime would have.” “His psychopathic and narcissistic personality characteristics allow us to infer that he could react disproportionately to a minimal stimulus, which does not require a great reason for the passage to the act, being in these cases the opportunity (to see the victim alone) plus a minimum gesture that attempts against his narcissism, “they added.

They highlighted that “their behaviors in the following days (going to the service station to read the newspapers, contradictory comments made in relation to the incident, etc.) are associated with the need for control and defense.”

Cariac and Rodríguez added that “the negative result of the DNA is significant, but they do not exclude it from the scene, considering that due to the dynamics of the event, the greatest number of clues could have remained on the author’s body and clothing (for contact and subsequent mobilization of the body) and not so much on the scene, especially considering its alterations due to cleanliness and excessive traffic of people”.

second report

• The second report, made to Pachelo already when in 2018 he was charged in the case by the prosecutors Quintana and Domínguez, is the one prepared by the psychiatrist Liliana Graciela Varela, from the San Isidro Expert Advice.

“We are faced with a subject who has adequate cognitive capacity and functioning but a mode of exchange with the environment of maladaptive characteristics, with sustained difficulties in adjusting to the rules.”

The expert maintained that Pachelo “presents a personality with psychopathic traits, not expressing self-criticism or feelings of guilt in relation to past conduct.”

And in this regard, he added: “This process is expressed through the conflicts that occurred in the academic field in his adolescence and that involved two expulsions, as well as the history of theft in adulthood.”

• Third report

Lastly, the prosecutors will show a report made in 2004 during the investigation of the case in which Pachelo ended up being convicted by the Federal Capital justice system in an abbreviated trial, for a series of robberies in the houses of friends and acquaintances.

“The examinee has a psychopathic personality disorder, lucid and intelligent. Mechanisms of dominance, control and repetitive behavior in contexts compatible with the investigated behavior”

That report was made by one of the most experienced psychologists in the Forensic Medical Corps (CMF) that depends on the Supreme Court of the Nation, María Elena Chicatto, who intervened in resonant cases such as the “Belgrano serial shooter” Martin Rios.

“Psychopath and narcissist”, the profile that points to Pachelo as the author of the crime