Rape on New Year’s Eve, the prosecutor: “Sara, raped three times”. Five minors risk prosecution

Of Julius De Santis

The investigation is also closed against «Pugile», as a suspect is nicknamed daughter of a well-known showgirl and girlfriend at the time of Simone Maria Ceresani, granddaughter of Ciriaco De Mita accused of having sold cocaine

With the accusation of having raped Sarah (invented name, like all those who will follow in the article) on the night between 31 December 2019 and 1 January 2020, three teenagers risk ending up on trial after the investigation ordered by the juvenile prosecutor’s office is closed. The alleged crime: gang sexual assault and injuries. The investigation is also closed against “Boxer”as a suspect is nicknamed – daughter of a note showgirl and engaged at the time of Simone Maria Ceresaninephew of Ciriaco DeMita – accused of giving in cocaine to one of the underage girls who attended the party. There are therefore five suspects in this third line of investigation which takes place before the Juvenile Court.

On the other hand, there are two ordinary proceedings for adults. From the reading of the charges of guilt emerges a novelty that adds chilling details to the night experienced by Sara. The young woman was raped not twice, but three times. To be responsible for the third rape suffered by the then 16 year old is Giuseppe, now 19 years old, the boy who in an interception with his mother defines himself “psychopath”. at 2.06 Joseph, who had raped the girl three and a half hours earlier in a bathroom along with three othersit would have took advantage of Sarah one second time, this time taking her into a room, knowing full well of the confusional state where the young woman was due to thealcohol and of drug taken during the night. Drug which, among other things, would also have been given to her by Giuseppe himself, therefore also accused of sale of cocaine.

The reconstruction of that night that prompted Sara, at the end of September 2022, to attempt suicide, must therefore be updated, once the memories of those terrible hours have returned to her memory. Here is the chronicle based on the procedural documents. The first rape takes place between 10.30 pm and 11 pm in the bathroom on the second floor of the villa in via del Podere Fiume, in Primavalle, where the 2020 New Year’s party took place. According to the indictment, it was Giuseppe and Luigi – defended by the lawyer Marco Casalini who observes that “the investigative findings are unclear towards my client” – together with the adults Patrizio Ranieri and Claudio Nardinocchi, investigated by the ordinary prosecutor. Each of them is also accused of standing guard outside the bathroom to protect the other boys.

But Joseph does not stop. At 2.06 he commits the second rape.

Then comes the third episode, the one with the most complicated procedural reading. Around 3 Adele proposes to Sara – assisted by the Bon’t worry association chaired by the founder Bo Guerreschi – a threesome with her boyfriend Fabrizio Ralli, defended by the lawyer Fabrizio Gallo. Adele is accused of groping and kissing Sara. But at the same time, her ordinary prosecutor’s office also considers her a victim of violence in the same relationship. Ralli would be guilty, not only of violence against Sara, but also against Adele because he would have taken advantage of the state of incapacity of the two girls.

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Rape on New Year’s Eve, the prosecutor: “Sara, raped three times”. Five minors risk prosecution