Who said beauty was a matter of charisma and charm? Certainly not Dr. Julian De Silva, British plastic surgeon, who only sees in it the result of an equation based on an old calculation method. It’s all about proportions. And in this clever little game, it is Regé-Jean Page who stands out among the men, and Jodie Comer among the women. An additional injunction that will certainly not be to everyone’s taste.

The famous canons of beauty! Whether they are made by fashion behemoths, or now by social networks, or even influencers, they have always been and remain injunctions that leave little room for subjectivity, and even less for the sensory. From the slender silhouette of the sixties to the curves of the 2020s, the woman may well hear here and there about the emancipation of her body, she finally seems to get rid of certain shackles to embrace others. And the face does not cut it. No blemishes, no signs of aging, starting in our twenties today with the advent of botulinum toxin injections, The stereotypes have a hard life. And that’s without counting on the proportions, the symmetry, which establish the idea that perfect beauty exists.

Regé-Jean Page, 93.65% perfect

Dr. Julian De Silva, British cosmetic surgeon at the head of the Center for Advanced Facial Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery in London, is betting on this idea in any case. To do this, it is based on an ancient calculation method, the ‘golden ratio’, designated by the Greek letter ‘phi’ in honor of the Greek sculptor Phidias who would have used it to decorate the Parthenon, symbol of… perfection. This famous ‘golden ratio’, which is also called ‘golden proportion’, or ‘divine proportion’, is used to determine the a priori ‘ideal’ ratio between the parts and the whole. Equal to 1.618033988 and dusty, it is regularly used in design, art, and tourismamong others, and would therefore also make it possible to identify – for sure – the faces with the most harmonious proportions, to understand the most beautiful… According to the physical ideal imagined in the past by the Greeks in any case.

Each year, from this method of calculation, Dr. Julian De Silva lifts the veil on the ranking of men and women who come close to perfection in terms of beauty. After years of hegemony, Robert Pattinson is upstaged by Regé-Jean Page. Worse, the hero of “Twilight” plummets to sixth place with a score of 92.15% – a score unchanged since last year – but lower than that which embodies the Duke of Hastings in the series “The Bridgerton Chronicle” , namely 93.65%. Robert Pattinson is also overtaken by Chris Hemsworth (93.53%), Michael B. Jordan (93.46%), Harry Styles (92.3%), and Jude Bellingham (92.22%). It makes the world more perfect than the sexiest vampire – in all fairness – on the planet. The ‘thin’ lips of the British actor would be in question, and would lower his score, as indicated by the plastic surgeon at the Daily Mail.

However, some details need to be clarified. Why Regé-Jean Page, although known to the public last year, did not appear in the ranking, like Michael B. Jordan or Chris Hermsworth? Or was he much lower, and far behind Robert Pattinson? It could mean beauty – or features – changing over time…or cosmetic surgery. Moreover, with a few exceptions, the ranking remains a veritable ode to British beauty. No French is mentioned there – and it is not the only nationality ousted from this table of perfection – and would therefore be a fortiori excluded from any ideal of beauty. We would like to know more about the entry criteria…

Jodie Comer, 94.52% perfect

If Bella Hadid was considered the most beautiful woman in the world last year, with a score of 94.35%, today she loses this coveted status in favor of Jodie Comer. The psychopathic serial killer of the thriller “Killing Eve” can boast of having obtained a ‘golden ratio’ of 94.52%, ahead of Zendaya (94.37%), Bella Hadid (94.35%), Beyoncé (92.44%) and Ariana Grande (91.81%). Unlike these gentlemen, the women’s ranking changes very little compared to last year, with the exception of the entry of the first two of the Top 10. And if the winners are mainly not British, we can despite everything to ask questions about Zendaya and Jodie Comer who, too, were far from unknown last year. But isn’t all that ultimately just as subjective as beauty should be?

Regé-Jean Page would be perfection incarnate, according to science