Results WWE Monday Night Raw August 8, 2022

USA Network will air the 1,524th episode of WWE Monday Night Raw on Monday, August 8, 2022 live from the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland, Ohio.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Chad Gable


Omos defeats two wrestlers in a handicap match


Bobby Lashley defeats Ciampa


Lashley escapes from a Crossface carrying Ciampa, who then surprises Bobby by throwing him out of the ring and receiving him with the Willow’s Bell 1…2…no! Bobby stamps Ciampa with a Uranage and closes the Hurt Lock until he surrenders.


Ciampa removes the protector from a cornerback. Miz and AJ return to the blows and go through the ring, causing the champion to be distracted. Ciampa hits Bobby twice against the exposed cornerback and lands a Knee Strike that almost gives him the victory.



Spear from Lashley, who quickly searches for the account. Miz puts Ciampa’s leg on the rope to save him. AJ Styles arrives to attack The Miz!


Lashley lashes out at the corner again and again to punish Ciampa. The challenger escapes from Lashley’s shoulders and applies a Reverse DDT. They exchange blows, Ciampa connects another DDT but it’s not enough.


Miz tries to distract Lashley, but the champion manages to focus on Ciampa as well. He charges his challenger to throw him against the post at ringside, but Miz gets in the way. Lashley throws Ciampa over Miz!


Ciampa arrives in the Harley Race robe and accompanied by The Miz. Ciampa charges Lashley, but the champion stops him with a Tackle and Suplex. Ciampa connects two Chops but Lashley knocks him down with a Spinning Elbow.


United States Championship Match: Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Ciampa

United States Championship Match: Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Ciampa


Video about the legacy of the United States Championship, with narration by JBL and images of historical champions such as Bret Hart, Harley Race, Booker T, among others.


Kevin Owens is interviewed before leaving the arena. KO says that unlike Ezekiel, he knows who he is. “I’ve been away for a while, and I know there are more eyes on this show than ever before. Today was an opportunity to remind those in the back, and those watching, that this is The Kevin Owens Show,” he says.


Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky defeated Tamina & Dana Brooke


Tamina looks for height, kicks Dakota and prepares to fly. She lunges awkwardly, landing on her feet to avoid Iyo’s legs. Sky responds with a great Moonsault and takes the victory.


Sky’s Shotei, Tamina’s Superkick and Samoan Drop. Dakota saves Iyo just in time and then goes to blows with Dakota at ringside. Bayley gets Dakota out of Dana’s way to make Brooke crash into the barricade.


Sky and Kai work together on Dana upon returning from break. Brooke finally takes over, Tamina crashes Iyo face-first into the corner several times. She stops Dakota with a kick and continues the punishment on Iyo.


Dana takes the initiative on Dakota, but soon takes over from Tamina, who hits both rivals. Iyo and Dakota join at ringside, Dana flies Crossbody from above.


First round of the Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament: Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky vs. Tamina & Dana Brooke

First round of the Women's Tag Team Championship Tournament: Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky vs. Tamina & Dana Brooke


Dana Brooke and Tamina They talk about the Women’s Couples Tournament. Dana says that it is her opportunity to be a double champion, and that Tamina has been her biggest challenge. Bayley, Sky and Kai they interrupt them. Bayley says that she was the first to carry that title. Ella tamina faces Bayley and says that she will finish them off next.


Finn Balor defeats Rey Mysterio


Finn connects a Dropkick but the Coup de Grace fails. Rey gets him in position for 619, but Rhea Ripley shows up with Dominik unconscious and injured. Rey is distracted, Finn takes the opportunity to pick off the 1916 and Coup de Grace.


Edge comes to the rescue!

Edge keeps his word and goes out to help Rey Mysterio. Edge and Damian go to blows in the audience. Rey applies a Code Red and almost takes the victory over Balor.


Rey pulls Finn out of the ring and slides out to apply a Sunset Flip that launches Finn into the barricade. Rey argues with Priest at ringside, who then knocks him off the edge of the ring when the referee doesn’t see.


Finn takes control of the match. He looks for the Three Amigos, but before applying the third King responds and returns to the attack. Balor carries Mysterio on his shoulders but Rey responds with Bulldog. He looks for the 619 but Priest gets in the way to receive it and save Balor.


Finn takes the initiative, Rey responds quickly by hitting him against the corner guards. Rey looks for height and connects a Senton. He attempts a Springboard Crossbody but Finn dodges it.


Rey Mysterio vs. finn balor

Rey Mysterio vs. finn balor


Rey Mysterio talks to Edge backstage. Rey can’t find his son anywhere. Edge keeps his offer to be with Rey in case something happens with Judgment Day.


“Edge, I’ll be clear with you. If I wanted to, I’d finish you off tonight. But in two weeks, we’ll be in Toronto. Edge hasn’t wrestled in Toronto for about 12 years. I challenge you to a match, 1 vs. 1, you and me. Let’s get this over with. You may have started with Judgment Day, but in Toronto, in front of your family and whatever friends you have left, Judgment Day will end you.”


Judgment Day arrive in the ring

Finn Balor and Damian Priest They talk about Rey Mysterio and Edge. Finn says no, Judgment Day isn’t afraid of anyone. “Fear is not real, it is a product of the imagination. But the danger is real, and Rey Mysterio, tonight you will discover that I am the danger.


The fight ends without result


KO dominates Ezekiel at the beginning of the fight. He applies a hard Powerbomb against the edge of the ring, which apparently injures Ezekiel. Doctors, referees and Adam Pearce come out to attend to Zeke.


Kevin Owens vs. Ezekiel


Kevin Patrick interviews The Miz and Ciampa. Miz gets upset when Kevin uses the word “freak” and says Ciampa will have the last laugh. Ciampa says that Harley Race believed in him and made him the fighter that he is. “Today I will dedicate my victory to the king, Harley Race,” says Ciampa pointing to a Race gown.


Edge tells the Mysterio that they have him in case something happens with Judgment Day. Edge asks Dom if he’s alright after last week’s accidental Spear, Dominik responds by pushing Edge. Rey stops his son and argues with him. Dom leaves upset that his father “is on Edge’s side.”


Seth Rollins defeats Angelo Dawkins


Silencer and count of two on Seth. Angelo avoids two Curb Stomp and connects a Sky High Powerbomb that almost gives him the victory. Rollins avoids another Sky High and connects a Pedigree to beat Dawkins.


Returning from the break, Seth dominates Dawkins in the ring. Ford is furious, grabs a chair and goes into the ring. The referee manages to stop him and throws him out. Dawkins surprises Seth with Clothesline to get him out of the ring.


Angelo connects a Dropkick and looks for the account. He knocks Seth down, who gets out of the ring in annoyance. Montez Ford distracts him at ringside, Angelo takes the opportunity to launch him with a Pounce over the commentators’ table.


Seth Rollins vs. Angelo Dawkin

Seth Rollins vs. Angelo Dawkin


Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss and Asuka Dakota Kai is interrupted when he speaks. “They’re not going to win the tournament. Because if they win tonight’s match, they’re going to have to face me and Asuka,” says Bliss. Bianca says that she wants to finish what she started with Iyo Sky. “We have no problem dealing with you guys right now,” says Belair. Bayley accepts the challenge of doing a 3 vs. 3, but in Clash at the Castle. Bianca confirms, but attacks Bayley and chaos begins between the six.


Bayley, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky they go out to the ring. Bayley messes with the public, ensuring that they need them, criticizing Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair. “Bianca would be nothing without me, which is why last week we had to make a statement, for all of you,” says Bayley regarding her attack on Becky Lynch. “We want to light the fire of women here, we are going to give back what has been lost,” says Bayley, Iyo finishes off: “hunger.”


The keys to the Tournament for the Women’s Tag Team Championship are revealed

tonight begins the Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournamentfor which the participants and crosses were confirmed.


WWE Monday Night Raw begins!

Results WWE Monday Night Raw August 8, 2022