Review DC USA – Batman: One Bad Day – Bane #1

bane one bad day

original edition: Batman: One Bad Day – Bane #1 (DC Comics, 2023)
Script: Joshua Williamson
He drew: Howard Porter
inked: Howard Porter
Colour: Tomeu Morey
Format: 64 pages. $7.99

We can all have a bad day

“I beat the Batman”

It’s Bane’s day. It is his time to go through this doubly retrospective project. On the one hand we review the essence of Batman’s villains and on the other we return to The Killing Joke whose premise is the basis of these specials.

These comics give us a feeling similar to when we listen to covers of our favorite songs. We like the song, we like to search and find the points in common with the original version, we like the same thing but we like it differently.

DC is not shy about squeezing to the marrow the inheritance of Moore and the essence of Batman. Great authors explain the key day in which the villains became those mythical characters that exemplify evil in different ways.

Bane is a classic Batman villain but at the same time he is modern, he is barely 30 years old. He is born into that joyously dark, pathetically pleasant time that was the 1990s. A haven of violence, venous muscles, clenched teeth, pistols, leather, chains, thongs, disproportion, stripes… The nineties, cocaine made into a comic.

Bane was a synthesis of many of these topics. However, the character transcended. His brutal and ultraviolent character shot up his popularity, his unspeakable and absolutely impossible origin made him a creature that went beyond all probability. Batman needed an enemy to live up to his legend and his times.

At that time DC hit the ball with the death of Superman. The sales of that event of events, of that foundation stone of the eventitis that we now suffer from, exceeded all expectations.

DC, insatiable, wanted to do something with Batman and created Bane (as they had created Doomsday) with a specific mission. Defeating the hero as he had never been defeated. As we all know, Bane broke the bat’s back.

bane one bad day 1

The villain then joined Batman’s gallery of regular enemies. He was vulgarized in order to be recurring and has remained valid until now.

This gives you the honor of being one of the “guests” in the initiative one bad day.

This initiative is characterized by the fact that each number is starring a villain and is carried out by a couple of first-rate authors.

one bad day bane 1

We wrinkle the nose. Its the turn of Joshua Williamson, controversial due to its irregular trajectory and protagonist in the DC of the last years already Howard Porter which has shown irregularity almost worse in Deathstroke Inc.

Oh surprise! The comic is very good. Outside of the pressure of deadlines that the continuity of a monthly collection supposes, both authors demonstrate what they are capable of. Win and time. We already saw that Williamson in Villains was something else.

The plot snoops on Bane’s origins. williamson builds very well the causes of the personality of this cruel and addicted psychopath. It focuses on Bane’s bad day, the day of his triumph and tragedy, the day he brought down Batman.

bane one bad day 2

The writer is very fond of the villain. It is impossible not to sympathize with this brutal and defeated mountain man. Bane is trapped by his demons, a prisoner of his past and a victim of a ruthless world.

williamson he takes his time. Sharp dialogues and situations of increasing tension that explode in moments of crude violence. The plot accelerates at moments with an intense and original narrative.

Porter thanks and rewards us with more time to make the pages. His oily, tremulous, detailed and organic style. The details and textures of Porter’s drawing are a joy. It’s like never Although at some point it may seem somewhat irregular or disjointed.

bane one bad day 3

Its extreme planes, its twisted foreshortenings and an original, creative and very dynamic page layout also stand out.

His illustrations of action and extreme violence, the weather and the horror movie setting deserve a special mention.

The best moments of drawing are multiplied by the masterful color of Tomeu Morey.

one bad day ban batman 4

The work of both authors forms a special alchemy that touches different genres.

It is a very remarkable comic, which forms a peak for both authors in recent years and above all, a Howard Porter which shows us that when he works at ease he can be a great cartoonist.

The best

• The drawing of Howard Porter in all its glory.
• Let’s not kid ourselves, Bane is cool and we love watching him dish out firewood.


• DC could expand similar initiatives to characters other than Batman.

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Original edition: Batman: One Bad Day – Bane #1 (DC Comics, 2023) Script: Joshua Williamson Drawing: Howard Porter Inking: Howard Porter Color: Tomeu Morey Format: 64 pages. $7.99 We can all have a bad day “I beat the Batman” It’s Bane’s day. It’s time for him to go through this & hellip;

Review DC USA – Batman: One Bad Day – Bane #1

Review DC USA – Batman: One Bad Day – Bane #1


Roman de Muelas

Screenplay – 7.5

Drawing – 8.2

Interest – 8


Williamson and Porter bring us action, violence, entertainment… very well done.

you rate: 9.72 ( 7 votes)

Review DC USA – Batman: One Bad Day – Bane #1