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Saturday November 19, 2022
Cariola Theater, Santiago

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The history of Rockaxis began 22 years ago and during all this time it has been dedicated to spreading music to most of our long and narrow country. During this period, hundreds of bands have appeared on its pages, several emerging artists have been part of their projects and large, massive events have captivated us in this period.

And as a good twenty-something, we had to celebrate another year of life, that’s why we met at the Cariola Theater with great friendly bands and in front of a large audience we were able to enjoy, rock, mow and of course sing along with these great national musicians.

The night was animated by Juan Guillermo Carrasco, director of Red Exodia and part of Rockaxis for many years. He was in charge of motivating the people and introducing us to the following wonderful bands.

Rockaxis Anniversary: ​​XXII years of passion for music

slip of dei
Those in charge of opening the fires of the day are the great exponents of the Doom scene, Alejando Giusti (vocals and guitar), Rodrigo Poblete (guitar and vocals), Luis Pinto (drums) and Jose Agustin Bastias (bass) took the stage and they gave us a powerful set full of nostalgia and melancholy, a brief review of their musical career that allowed us to listen to ‘The Call Of Sirens’, ‘The Feeling Remains’, ‘Colossal’, ‘Falling Apart’ and ‘Arrival’.

An excellent presentation accompanied by an excellent sound that is characteristic of Lapsus Dei that made the attendees who were in the Cariola shake their heads.

Rockaxis Anniversary: ​​XXII years of passion for music

The Mox!
The time has come for the group formed in 1994 to come up and deliver their classics to us. Christian “Macuco” Sesnich (vocals and bass), Pablo Ortiz (guitar and backing vocals) and Andres Torres (drums) reviewed their career with a set of 16 songs where we were able to listen to songs like ‘Toy con Caña’, ‘How courteous doesn’t take away the hot’, ‘Te Daria’, ‘Rompiendo la Ley’, ‘Bronceado de Cantina’, ‘We will not accept it’ and ‘Un Beso y una flor0, making the whole crowd chant who enjoyed the show with great enthusiasm, the sound was great and brought back several memories of yesteryear.

Rockaxis Anniversary: ​​XXII years of passion for music

Since its founding, they have given something to talk about, with its powerful metal mixed with Mapuche roots and its lyrics completely in Mapudungun, it has made the band attract attention both in Chile and abroad.

Awka (vocals and guitar), Txalkan (drums), Zewü (bass), and Karü (guitar) took the stage and made it their own from the beginning, a display of enormous energy, power and culture. ‘Kutxal’, ‘Killari’, ‘Kumbagüe’, ‘Ancestral’, ‘Awukan’ and ‘Mawiza ñi piwke’ were chosen for this show. Its sound is devastating and left viewers with a lot of hype. During his presentation we were also able to listen to an excellent version of Metallica’s ‘Battery’, which we will be able to listen to very soon while we wait for his new album.

Rockaxis Anniversary: ​​XXII years of passion for music

Family Miranda
The band formed in 1999 and made up of Katafu Rozas (guitar), Rodrigo Gomberoff (vocals and bass) and Jose Junemann (drums) displayed their fusion of sounds with masterful impeccability, they captivated us with 14 compositions within which we were able to appreciate ‘Legañon’, ‘Caballo’, ‘FM vs Carl’, ‘Lorem’, ‘Palomita’, ‘Brut Nature’ and ‘Servu’.

The audience enjoyed the presentation as they let themselves be carried away by the melodies, an excellent display of fiat and maturity on the part of the performers made the moment much more intimate.

Rockaxis Anniversary: ​​XXII years of passion for music

The time has come for the last band of the night and those chosen to close the day were the legendary Dorso, the band made up of Rodrigo “Pera” Cuadra (vocals and bass), Gamal Eltit (rhythm guitar), Alvaro Soms (lead guitar) and Fran Muñoz (drums) arrived on the stage of the Teatro Cariola to perform what is considered one of the most creative records of Chilean popular music, we are referring to “Romance” (1990), a conceptual record with progressive sounds that has captivated fans for 32 years and I must say that listening to him live is a true gem.

The band, as always, delivers an impeccable show that has excellent contact between Pera and his audience. ‘Mother of Darkness’, ‘Proclamation’, ‘Dangerous Psychopath’, ‘Reytec’ and ‘Romance’ were the ones performed from this album and the ones chosen to close the night were two from their repertoire of classics ‘Gore & Roll’ and ‘ Fright Rises from the Grave’.

The fans clamored for more but unfortunately the night has come to an end and everyone returns to the road home. A powerful closing for a celebratory evening, where we could enjoy bands of various generations and styles. A very good anniversary that leaves us with the question. What will come for the 23?

Matias Arteaga
Photos: Joselyn Heiden

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