Rosa Díez: “It should not be surprising that they defend rapists if they have done so with terrorists and coup leaders”

Rosa Diez comment on #OrganizingTheResistance of It’s Federico’s Morning how “Pedro Sánchez continues with his tour and defending Minister Irene Montero” after the serious consequences that his law of ‘only yes is yes’ is having. Díez has wanted to focus not only on the silences that are taking place within Podemos, like that of Yolanda Díaz, but on the express support that he is having Irene Montero as that of the President of the Government.

In fact, “Sánchez has once again set this law of ‘only yes is yes’ as an example saying that they are going to copy it all over the world”, recalled Rosa Díez for whom “the problem with Spain is not that Podemos is in the Government but that Sánchez defends them not only because he needs their votes but because he completely agrees with them”. Rosa Díez has stressed that “Pedro Sánchez is not that he has kept quiet like other members of the Government Rather, he has left Bali to set the law” of Irene Montero as an example. He does so because “he uses everything that produces division among Spaniards to break the consensus of the 1978 system.”

In his opinion, “they will try to weather this storm and finally the guilt, which is also a typical characteristic of a psychopath, will rest with others, in this case the judges or those from the media that alerted, and continue to alert, about the issue”.

However, Rosa Díez has assured that we should not be surprised, “how are they going to cut a hair if They have amnestied those who have given the coup against democracyif they have defended terrorists today sitting in the Courts and in the Basque institutions, if they are defending that they approach the Basque prisons, to later put on the street, terrorists who not only have not repented but who have not collaborated with the Justice”. added that “how can we be surprised that Also defend rapists if you are defending murderers and coup plotters”.

Boiled frog syndrome

What does surprise Rosa Díez is that Spanish society does not react, “we are numb“. And to explain the seriousness of doing nothing, he has given the example of ‘boiled frog syndrome’: “an analogy that is used to describe what happens when the damage that can be produced in a dangerous situation is not perceived if It’s developing slowly.”

So, “If we put a frog in a pot of boiling water, the frog will jump out immediately. outside. But if we put it in a pot with water at room temperature and we light the fire the frog will stay still and your body adapts to the temperature of the water that is getting warmer. When the water reaches the boiling point, the frog tries to jump but can no longer do so because it has exhausted all its strength and has run out of defenses. That’s why ends cooked in its own sauce. Therefore, the frog did not die because of the boil, but because it did not jump out in time.”

And that is precisely what It can happen to Spanish societythat if he does not react to the accumulation of abuses against democracy when he wants to, it could be too late to jump out of the pot.

Cumulus that Rosa Díez has recalled, such as “arriving at La Moncloa with a fraudulent base motion, putting the Prosecutor’s Office at your service, closing Parliament, locking ourselves up at home falsifying expert reports, pardoning the coup plotters, making a law in Catalonia so that a sentence is not applied, make ideological laws with serious consequences, eliminate the crimes for which coup plotters and thieves have been convicted…” Therefore, “we are cooking, what are we waiting for to act?”

Rosa Díez: “It should not be surprising that they defend rapists if they have done so with terrorists and coup leaders”