Rosa Díez reappears and leaves a headline about Sánchez that makes more than one person rub their eyes

The co-founder of the extinct Unión Progreso y Democracia (UpyD) Rosa Díez has returned to political news as a result of an interview he has given to esRadio and in which he has fiercely criticized the draft of the Trans Law of the Government and President Pedro Sánchez himself.

In statements to the program ‘It’s Federico’s morning’, Spanish politics has left a headline that has generated multiple reactions on social networks, arousing perplexity and criticism from some users. All this is given by a phrase in which he believes that the president benefits from the pioneering bill.

Previously, Rosa Ten has returned to pull his usual argument of attacks on the Government frequently using disqualifying as “perverse” or “dark” to refer to policies on equality of the Executive.

“We are talking about a psychopath, a narcissist and a ‘Machiavelli’, that all together is that, the dark triad, and that is why it is not surprising that one of his darkest political initiatives is this law, the Trans Law”, Diez has assured. “We are talking about a law so dangerous that it could only come from a guy like Sánchez”, he assured.

The headline left by Rosa Díez

“I think that it is also explained that Sánchez is at the head of all this, beyond his psychopathy, because he is the first user of the law, the first beneficiary”, he explained to, immediately afterwards, have to make a clarification to the journalist Jiménez Losantos.

“What I am telling you may sound a bit extravagant, but take a look”, he assessed, to continue affirming that “he [Sánchez] without the law having been approved yet, he goes to bed as a socialist and gets up as a Bolivarian or a communist and, at noon, depending on whether it is an odd or even day, he has time to self-determine himself according to the law. He can be a bilduetarra, a coup leader … ”.

(You can listen to Díaz’s statements in the following audio, from minute 7.50)

Twitter reactions

The headline left by Díez’s interview has not been overlooked in the Little Blue Bird network, where several tweeters have charged against the policy that UPyD co-founded.

Rosa Díez reappears and leaves a headline about Sánchez that makes more than one person rub their eyes