Rosa Díez wants a 155 “against the leadership of Sánchez”

Rosa Díez has started #OrganizingTheResistance from It’s Federico’s Morning wondering “if Spain would not need a 155 to defend itself against Sánchez”. He has explained that “when the constituents drew up the 1978 Constitution, they incorporated an article into the text, 155, which was inspired by the figure of the federal coercion call provided for in article 37 of the German constitution.”

An article that “is a normal safeguard in any democratic constitution in the world that allows the Government to act in defense of the general interest when an institution with a lower rank, in this case an autonomous community, fails to comply with its obligations or violates the general interest of the nation“. The problem is that “that is what the Government of Spain is doing”.

Rosa Díez recalled how “the democratic system is based on the self-determination of citizens”. But,what happens when a ruler goes crazy Or does it betray what is most sacred, democracy itself, in whose name it exercises power? For this precisely the democratic system is endowed with “instruments to defend democracy if that circumstance occurs, if a democratically elected madman comes.”

At this point, Díez wanted to clarify that Pedro Sánchez is not crazy, “he has a plan”. Unlike a madman who doesn’t know what he’s doing, Pedro Sánchez “has a strategy.” And although “the legislator cannot prevent all the assumptions that the democratic system may encounter, nor design a counterpower for each of them”, the Constitution “defines the democratic counterpowers par excellence: freedom of expression, movement, chair, press and opinion that protects all citizens”.

Added to this is something as important as “the separation of powers: the executive and the legislative and the judicial, the democratic counterpowers.” Rosa Díez stressed that in Spain we are witnessing “a a government of the nation, legitimate of origin, that has lost the legitimacy of exercise and has made the decision to pervert the constitutional order by suspending the liberties of citizens or liquidating independent justice”.

In addition, “it is parasitizing the State institutions and interrupting parliamentary control, as when it closed parliament or when it brings to debate reforms of very important organic laws without having passed the previous debate, by way of amendments.” In this sense, he has added, “there is no specific article in our Constitution to protect to the democracy of a bloodless coup perpetrated from the government of the nation, there is no 155 against the leadership of Sánchez”.

Rosa Díez, who has explained on more than one occasion how Pedro Sánchez’s behavior responds to that of a psychopath with the three legs of the dark triad, has pointed out how he manifested himself once again two days ago in the Senate. Sánchez, before the questions and interventions of Núñez Feijóo, “laughed a hysterical laughhe was resentful because he can’t accept what was happening.”

Sánchez “knows that he must seize the moment to carry out the final attack and that is why it has launched a merciless check on the organs of justice and the Constitutional Court, but then the head of state will come”. That is why it has urged “not to wait for a 155, We cannot wait for Brussels to come and not solve them“.

To those who become discouraged or believe that nothing can be done, he reminded them that “it is not the first time in our recent history that Spanish democrats have had to organize to stop those who tried to prevent democracy from triumphing”. The clearest example was the terrorism of ETA.

That is why “we have to resist and fight because it cannot be allowed that what those who cruelly murdered 857 of our fellow citizens did not achieve, which was to destroy democracy, is achieved by a generation of socialists drunk with ambition that in order to gain leverage in power they have decided to demolish democracy”. After wishing all the listeners a Merry Christmas, he has sent one last message, “it is our obligation, the resisters have the last word”.

Rosa Díez wants a 155 “against the leadership of Sánchez”