He wanted to defend his squatted balcony in Saint-Brieuc. A man pulled out a knife to scare away the intruders. ©Le Penthievre

This Monday, July 4, it is handcuffed, framed by 3 police officers, that this 25-year-old man comes to defend his freedom before the correctional court of Saint-Brieuc.

He must be judged according to the principle of an immediate appearance for acts of aggravated violence with a weapon against two men trying to scale her balcony.

A party on two floors

This May 25, it is 9:40 p.m. in a street in the center of St-Brieuc, two men are squatting on the balcony of a ground floor. They celebrate the release from prison of a friend who lives on the 1st floor of the buildingbut this early release is granted under certain conditions, such as the prohibition to come into contact with his former associates.

It is therefore from the balcony below that they participate in the celebration. The tenant of the ground floor apartment is in a panic, she insists that the two intruders evacuate the premisesbut for all answers, she will collect a sheaf of insults sprinkled with a few threats.

He pulls out a combat knife

Things will take a different turn when the tenant’s companion tries mediation in a rather expeditious style: he will first try the gentle way. “Get out of the balcony before I get angry”, but obviously he is not heard.

Intruders are even threatening, so he decides to change his attitude and draws a combat knife and places it under the throat of one of the squatterscausing an impressive slash.

This time, it will be perfectly heard, the two accomplices will immediately leave the balcony, not without threatening reprisals. They will file a complaint for violence with a weapon. The police will arrest the defendant after taking his statement.

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Threats and insults

On May 27, he is presented to the prosecutor in CRPC (appearance of prior recognition of guilt), but things will degenerate, he does not accept the sentence proposed by the magistrate and will explode in anger. The public prosecutor will be threatened and insulted, the defendant will be immediately restrained and imprisoned on the spot.

Today it is much calmer and above all briefed by his lawyer that he faces the court. He even acknowledges the facts, drawing an unflattering self-portrait.

It seems that I’m a paranoid antisocial psychopath, don’t get too hot otherwise it starts right away, I tried diplomacy with the two guys, but it didn’t work and then they insulted my girlfriend, I don’t couldn’t pass up.

The absent victim

The victim did not wish to appear, however, this young man knows perfectly the way to the court for having been condemned there on many occasions. It is therefore his lawyer who will try to bring credibility to claim the approximately €1,000 in physical damages and the €4,000 in moral damages requested by his client.

The prosecutor really regrets the absence of the victim who is well known to the police. Nevertheless, “the facts are recognized, the defendant is impulsive, aggressive, capable of starting again at any time.

She requires 12 months in prison including 6 months suspended, an obligation of care and work, and asks for her continued detention.

The court will follow the requisitions of the public prosecutor: the defendant will have to serve his 6 months in prison, and pay an amount of €500 for various damages.

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Saint-Brieuc: He takes out a combat knife to scare away young people who are squatting on his balcony