Sangolquí: The husband of the woman murdered in a van is being investigated for femicide

Cristian Navarrete thought he was going to make fun of the investigating agents, but his own testimony and the evidence they found revealed the reality.

The subject remains in pretrial detention and is being investigated as the alleged mastermind of his wife’s crime, Paola Ortega.

On the night of Monday, January 2, in sangolquisoutheast of the capital, the woman was stabbed 11 times in her neck by two unknown subjects. She was in her truck while Navarrete went to buy some hamburgers. The fact was investigated as a robbery, but the new evidence changed history.


According to the Prosecutor’s Office, The defendant stated that his wife was stabbed for stealing $600 and a gold chain. When he returned to the car, he allegedly called ECU 911 and was unable to explain the exact location of the place. He then called relatives of the woman.

However, the inquiries of the agents of Dinased and Criminalistics They determined another reality that denies the version of the person involved.

Victim of hammer blows would have met his executioners

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Security cameras in the sector recorded the moment in which Navarrete gets out of the truck and half a block from it deactivates the insurance. Immediately afterwards, the perpetrators enter to commit the crime.

According to the report of the prosecutionin the sequence Navarrete is seen who “walked towards the vehicle, stopped, returned… He went back to the car, did not arrive, went to the corner, talked on the phone, went up one block, got out and got to the car” .

When he saw his partner injured, he did not transfer her to a nursing home, which is located two blocks from the sector. For this reason, during the fiscal investigation, which will last 90 days, it will be determined whether or not Ortega made it to the hospital alive.

The oldest José Burgos, head of the Dinased of the Pichincha Subzoneindicated that the movements that Navarrete made before the crime would also show his participation in it, since this he would have had contact with the subjects who ended up stabbing the woman with whom he had a daughter.

The officer added that they have identified the two material authors, who have criminal records. “We are working to locate them.”

psychopathic traits

The victim’s sister commented that she feels outraged because she never saw anything negative in Navarrete, although He admits that on certain occasions he was very aggressive with other people.

in the profile of Facebook There are many photographs of the defendant of the couple together and of the business they ran (a piñatería), which is why they find it strange why he did it.

The police also reported that Navarrete was a candidate for the institution on two occasions and on both occasions he was discharged for bad behavior.

Fernando Tinajeroforensic psychologist and criminal profiler, indicated that with the characteristics of the crime it can be determined that Navarrete is a psychopath.

The expert pointed out that these types of people carry frustrations or problems in their family environment that affect their emotional development.

“This type of subject does not feel empathy for others. They manipulate and have no sense of responsibility or guilt.”

The psychologist added that it should be analyzed if there was any serious problem within the relationship with which Navarrete could have been offended.

Sangolquí: The husband of the woman murdered in a van is being investigated for femicide