Sarah Fraisou: she and her darling Mehdi got married

Sarah Fraisou: the young woman married for the fourth time! This time, the lucky winner is Medhi, with whom she formalized her relationship a few months ago. A video of their wedding has leaked…

Sarah Fraisou: she speaks about the betrayal of Abou’s ex-wife

This is an interview that has caused a lot of ink to flow. Indeed, Abou went to the set of In complete privacy to recount his love affairs. Abou said he divorced this woman who cheated on him many times. Abou’s ex-wife took the floor to give her version of the facts. ” I owe nothing to anyone, I acted alone, and I am solely responsible for my mistakes. Stop getting my family into this, stop getting other veiled women into this!!! I’m going to start showing you (…) He and I weren’t together anymore. He deceived me with all the earth. We didn’t even live together anymore. He just has the seum that I wanted to redo my life he’s a psychopath. But this idiot by making private things public is pretending to be a victim. »she said among other things.

Sarah Fraisou (her tribute to Queen Elizabeth II challenges the Web), discovering this whole story, also reacted. ” It hurts my heart. Abou experienced something horrible, it’s called deception. Today, everyone makes a scandal of it because it is a woman. I wanted to raise a little thing: how many times have we been deceived? How many times have guys used religion? (…) You speak of a reality that exists daily. The woman denounces her daily. (…) Wake up, she didn’t suck someone! »

Sarah Fraisou: she formalizes her union with Mehdi

After the failure of her marriage to Ahmed Thai, the candidate found love again in the arms of an unknown boy from the world of reality TV. For many months, Sarah Fraisou decided to hide her identity. On all these publications, the young woman took care to hide her face. And finally, after a year of relationship, the influencer finally officially introduced her lover on her Youtube channel. Since then, the candidate no longer hesitates to show herself with her darling on her social networks.

Sarah Fraisou: she and her darling Mehdi got married

And this Saturday, September 17, Sarah Fraisou (tackled by Cloé Cooper) announced good news to her fans. With her darling Mehdi (accused of being gay), they got married in Tunisia alongside all their relatives! On her networks, the young woman declares: “I SAY YES! (Hoping it’s the right one this time 😂👩‍❤️‍👨💍♥️). Soon the entirety of our wedding on my YouTube channel. PS: Thank you to those present who do not respect a simple rule: DO NOT SNAPER. » If Sarah announces that the images of her wedding will soon be available on YouTube, a video of their union has already leaked on social networks. Officials invites you to discover the video:

Sarah Fraisou: in a relationship with a former prisoner? Last details on his new darling

An emblematic candidate for the NRJ12 show would be in a relationship with a former crimin*l. On social networks, blogger @Zohra.Pookie makes unexpected revelations. We tell you just below!

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Sarah Fraisou: she and her darling Mehdi got married