“She was perfect, I wasn’t”: Alberto, the ‘psychopath’ who killed his girlfriend Cristina with a stone, knives…

On December 3, 2021, alberta 36-year-old law graduate, murdered his girlfriend in his apartment at number 33 Calle Conde de Altea in Valencia, Christinaa young 30-year-old businesswoman with a bright and promising future.

The couple had only been together for about three months. Their personalities had nothing to do with each other, but they started dating after meeting at a nightclub in the city after the summer holidays.

he was a person reserved and pessimistic, with a tendency to suffer from depressive episodes, although there was nothing to predict the tragic outcome. She was the complete opposite vital and independent womanwell known in Valencia and a member of the Master Gozalbo Faultwhich stood out in the real estate sector.

[El TC avalará suspender el derecho a ver a sus hijos a los padres investigados por violencia de género]

Alberto killed her that day in cold blood, according to the judicial proceedings carried out so far, and he does not suffer from any illness that prevents him from being tried for Cristina’s murder.

The coroners of the Comprehensive Forensic Assessment Unit (UVFI) of Gender Violence of the City of Justice of Valencia have recently delivered to the Court of Violence against Women 1, which is instructing the case, a report in which they conclude that Alberto He is an abuser with characteristics of psychopathy. He was aware of what he was doing at all times – he did not use drugs or drink alcohol – and he does not regret it.

His profile corresponds to that of a controlling, possessive and with macho traits. An insecure person, with an inferiority complex and frustrations, who has not shown any emotional reaction to the pain caused to the victim’s family or his own.

The investigation is at a very advanced stage, but is now pending the request for a new psychiatric assessment report raised by Alberto’s defense. The Court of Valencia will have to make a decision in the coming days after the court rejected it in the first instance, sources familiar with the case confirmed to EL ESPAÑOL.

the night of the crime

This crime shocked Valencian society at the end of last year. His family is respected and loved in Valencia.

That night in December, Cristina went to see him at his apartment in the Eixample neighborhood, one of the most exclusive in the city. She had helped him find him through the real estate agency he worked for and they had just returned from a trip together. They dined on cheese and drank wine. Next, they watched a couple of episodes of the American series in the living room office and she fell asleep.

Cristina’s murderer has told forensic experts that he had delayed ejaculation problems and was undergoing treatment with a sexologist. She frequently resorted to masturbation, according to the report, and she was aware of this problem and transferred it to her environment.

On December 3, 2021, while the young woman slept after having intimate relations with him, he cruelly killed her. For it, first he used a stone with which he hit his head repeatedly. The blows were practically lethal.

He then ruthlessly used to finish her off three knives, a scissor and a bathrobe belt. In this way, she made sure that she was dead because she couldn’t stand him breaking off the relationship under any circumstances. “She was perfect, I wasn’t.“. He cut off his life with knives.

The content of the report, advanced by the newspaper Raise-EMV, collects the two meetings that forensic experts have had with the accused in the last seven months. The record highlights his great ability “handling” or the “impossibility of putting oneself in the place of others”, as well as lack of empathy “and affective response in relation to the facts that are imputed to him”.

Law professor

Alberto had gone through several law firms, but they ended up dispensing with his services due to poor performance. At the time of the crime, he was working as an associate professor of Philosophy of Law and Ethics security professionals at the University of Valencia (UV). His brother helped him find the job.

Alberto’s profile on a professional page for law graduates.

Cristina, daughter of a well-known Valencian businessman from the communication sector who died in a traffic accident in 2012, was dedicated to business advice. For several years, she has been a professional he had been thoroughly trained in everything that surrounded the business world. Degrees, masters, languages…

Until his assassination, he was a member of the board of directors of Ad Infinitum Investments, a company founded by his parents. But everything changed the night of his murder. After the murder, the defendant faked an attempted robbery at an Italian restaurant to avoid his incrimination when he tried to escape from the building by the moonless.

The woman’s corpse was not found until more than 24 hours later of the sexist crime taking place. One of her sisters had filed a complaint at a police station in Madrid their disappearance and they still did not know that Cristina was lying next to the bed in the main bedroom of her boyfriend’s apartment. Cristina’s mother found her body when she went to the house because she didn’t know anything about her.

Alberto has met twice in all this time with the coroners and has recounted without “signs of repentance” the facts attributed to him and “that he has recognized us.” “I wish the stone would have been enough“, He acknowledged in interviews.

The defendant reported that he suffered from depression. “I have had previous depressive episodes throughout my life (…) it’s a psychological spiral and she was my relief“, he pointed out, while recounting how the events happened with absolute coldness and without showing any regret.

“He was better than me”

Alberto admitted that he had been thinking about killing her for several days because he was convinced that Cristina, in time, was going to leave him. “I knew that she was better than me, I was aware of that“. First he hit her on the head with the stone and then he used the knives and scissors to make sure she was dead. The defendant explained that he killed Cristina “to punish myself“.

This murder shocked Valencian society and put on the table, once again, that sexist violence does not understand social classes or profiles. Cristina was a woman with a lot of personality who belonged to a wealthy family with several businesses.

The year 2021 ended with at least 43 women fatal victims of gender violence in Spainthe lowest number recorded since data on these crimes began to be collected, in 2003.

On the contrary, the number of murdered minors doubled for gender-based violence, which went from the three recorded in 2020, to the six registered a year later. Also, 30 children were left motherless.

“She was perfect, I wasn’t”: Alberto, the ‘psychopath’ who killed his girlfriend Cristina with a stone, knives…