We meet again to see how She-hulk: lawyer hulka is being the victim of several attacks on her person and her professional profiles

opens the She-Hulk Session 4: Lawyer Hulka. The guard judge Fernando el Catódico presides. The defense attorney of the series has the floor (with all kinds of spoilers until this fourth chapter).

Your Honor, members of the jury. We meet again to see how my lawyer, Jennifer Walters is being the victim of several attacks of judgment to their person and their professional profiles.

In this case, in particular, he is accused of making an insipid and bland chapter (there are those who speak of the curse of the fourth chapter of the series of Disney+). I assure you that at the end of my presentation I will have convinced you that not only is this the case, but that, in addition, under that simple and simple appearance several important data are hidden for the future trajectory of my client and, even, for the entire UCM.

An example: Wong, in Kathmandu, is about to see the 5×12 episode of The Sopranos. It might seem like a banal and unimportant scene, but nothing is further from reality.

This “simple” fact has a lot of meaning, since it is a clear indication that HBO is canon in the MCU. And this is where the theories begin, is it a nod from Marvel (Disney) to DC (Warner)? What’s more, since DC is part of Warner, and its movies and series are seen on HBO?Will Wong have seen the Snyder’s Cut of Justice League?? Of course they are disturbing questions that open much more our conception of this multiverse.

This series proves to be the funniest and most human view so far: the way Wong prepares to watch his series, with his appetizers, his “little dance” showing his joy, Jennifer enjoying life with friends and new relationships…


But it is the professional side of Jennifer Walters that matters to us right now. In this chapter youhas to defend the interests of the Supreme Master of the Mystic Arts, Wong, who accuses a second-rate wizard, Donnie Blaze, of failing to return a magical artifact from his student days at Kamar-Taj. And it is that Mr. Blaze (not to be confused with Johnny Blaze), who was expelled from the aforementioned magical city, allegedly illegitimately stayed from the teleportation ring, which he is using in his magic tricks, causing several people to pass through their ring of fire and be transported to any part of the multiverse, even to different dimensions, with the consequent danger for these people.

Perhaps the most relevant of all this is that it appears, in the middle of Wong’s room, a new and curious character, Madisynn King (with two -nn-, one -y-, but not where you think!).


This girl with a clearly festive character (played by Patty Guggenheim) is not at all surprised when he appears before Wong, giving him a spoiler for the chapter he is watching, even after having traveled through various dimensions (some of which are seen in the end credits), where he has even met a talking goat (it is clearly Black Phillip, but there are those who want to see Mephisto here… And the fact is that Wandavision’s shadow is very long, hehe), in addition to bringing a bloody heart in his own hand . Such is the interest that Madisynn has aroused that a spin-off of his character has even been requested.


Another example of the relevance of this chapter is when Hulka uses a contacts app. After several failed dates (even someone we don’t know if he is a psychopath or has been sent to gather information by the shady villain). In the end it seems that she finds the perfect man: handsome, athletic, intelligent and sensitive.. However, after spending the night together, he runs away, encountering Jen instead of She-Hulk. Once again, an apparently simplistic series shows us a harsh critique of today’s society.

I have finished my argument, Your Honor.

All right, your turn, Mr. Prosecutor.

She-Hulk and flirting at 30

Your Honor, members of the jury. Despite my defense colleague has shown you the facts in a sweetened waythe truth is that this fourth chapter takes us to the middle of the season and we have hardly seen anything really important.

Going back to the last thing shown by the defense, we could say that defendant Jennifer Walters rejects her own personality original by trying to flirt as She-Hulk, instead of as Jennifer herself.


On the other hand, in this chapter we should have already seen some example of the good use of technology and CGI and, instead, we have barely seen a few demonic creatures. Even the end of the chapter is disappointing: the big cliffhanger of the episode is a messenger who brings a lawsuit?

We are still waiting for a great fight between Hulka and Titania. It is a real shame that they do not take advantage of a Jameela Jamil who is really involved in her role and who could give a lot of play.

Marvel characters - She-Hulk

As for Mr. Blaze’s magic ring… why does Mr. Wong intend to make an example of this wizard and, instead, he doesn’t take it back from Ned, Spider-Man’s friend that, he’s not even a student of the Mystic Arts (Mr. Blaze was at least a week).

And not only the prosecution says so! Even Jennifer Walters herself affirms that it is a “slump” to end the episode in this wayhoping (hopefully) that the post-credits scene leaves us with a better taste in our mouths…

Post-credit testimonials: what Wong drinks and Jennifer’s tasks

There are data in this episode that we should not let go without paying more attention.

On one hand we have Wong, who shows us his simplicity again despite being the Sorcerer Supreme: his favorite cocktail is the Gin-Tonic, simple and classic.

As for the defendant, Jennifer Walters or She-Hulk, we can clearly see some of his pending tasks: Preparing the Emil Blonsky Inhibitor Guide, (Sneaking) Meeting Nikki in the Bathroom, Shopping (and Reading) How to make friends and influence people, signing up for Big and Tall, ordering cheetos (and chopsticks), investigating landmark privacy cases. Also on your to-do list we found names familiar to comic book fans like Kraft and Soule.

David Kraft is the writer for most of the Savage She-Hulk comics from the early 1980s, and Charles Soule was the writer for She-Hulk in another big run. Of Lee and Byrne I don’t think anything needs to be clarified. Lastly, Judge Hanna is likely a reference to artist Scott Hanna.


Hopefully the next episode will finally be the beginning of the race towards the end of the season, showing us everything we haven’t seen so far. There are no further questions, Your Honor.

Good. We take a break for the jury to reflect on what is exposed here. We will meet again in this room next week. The session is over.