Six Chaco penitentiaries, arrested after the escape of a prisoner who ended up murdering a taxi driver in Córdoba

Roberto José Carmona was the protagonist of a failed and fatal escape attempt in the city of Córdoba that ended the life of a taxi driver. There were six prison guards from the Chaco prison service who had to guard him on a temporary visit to his wife. But in the middle of the Argentina-Croatia match, the fearsome assassin evaded a control and escaped until hours later they managed to recapture him.

By order of prosecutor Horacio Vázquez, the penitentiaries were detained in Penitentiary Establishment 9, the Unit for the Containment of the Apprehended. They are accused of the crime of favoring tax evasion.

Carmona was a prisoner in the Chaco prison and had been enjoying temporary releases since 2014 to visit his partner who lived in the Las Violetas neighborhood of the Cordoba capital.

a tragic escape

The victim of the escape of Roberto José Carmona was the taxi driver Javier Bocalón (42), whom he threatened to take him.

Investigators believe that in between he attacked the driver with a knife, cutting his legs and neck, tried to take control of the steering wheel and ended up causing two cuts to his legs.

Roberto Carmona.

The car ended up crashing at the corner of Santa Anta and Félix Paz, causing the immediate death of the driver. Carmona fled and in a supermarket parking lot he stole a woman’s car.

The Volkswagen Gol abandoned him in Villa El Libertador and in another car he continued his escape to the Los Naranjos neighborhood. He was finally arrested at the corner of Luis Agote and Almirante Brown.

I was among a crowd celebrating the pass to the final of the Argentine National Team. But a detail of the stockings gave it away. They were the same ones he had in a photo that circulated and was key to identifying him.

Today he is 60 years old and has a long career in different state institutions. From the orphanage to jail, Carmona walked through the corridors of these entities for years and thus lived more than 40 years of his life. His crimes: guilty of qualified robbery, illegal deprivation of qualified liberty, qualified homicide and repeated qualified robbery. He was sentenced to life imprisonment with the addition of indefinite imprisonment and the declaration of recidivism.

In the San Martín prison in 1988, he “punched” his partner, Martín Castro, and killed him. In 1994 he murdered Héctor Bolea, a “leader” prisoner. In the maximum security pavilion of Resistencia, he killed his partner, Demetrio Pérez Araujo, in 1997.

The Ceppi case

Gabriela Ceppi was one of his victims. Her murder was one of the most mentioned by public opinion. It happened in 1986, when three teenagers (Guillermo, Alejandro and Gabriela), who wanted to have fun in the Carlos Paz area, decided to leave, but on the way, they had a flat tire, and received help from what is now the oldest prisoner in the country.

He stole everything they had, which was little, and forced the girl to get into his car. A few kilometers later he raped her in the car, got out of the Taunus, took out a carbine, made her cross a fence, kneeled down and shot her from a meter away. She left her lifeless body there.


He was declared a psychopath. In 2011, he finished his sentence for Gabriela’s crime, but a few years after being released, he was found guilty of a homicide in Chaco. The murder was committed in a Resistencia prison to which he had been transferred for a time in 1997. There he killed Demetrio Pérez Araujo with a spike made from a piece of a sharpened broomstick. Thus, today he is still in prison, although he has temporary releases.

He is a character of terror, he is a Cordoba legend and for his crimes he was nicknamed “the human hyena”. He was on the covers of different Chaco media outlets for sewing his mouth shut as a form of “protest” for not receiving a tactile cell phone to communicate with his wife.

It should be remembered that on one occasion the longest-serving detainee in the country sewed his mouth shut because they did not give him a cell phone. It happened in the facilities of the Penitentiary Complex II of Sáenz Peña. José Carmona is the second detainee who has been deprived of his liberty for the longest time, after Carlos Robledo Puch.

Six Chaco penitentiaries, arrested after the escape of a prisoner who ended up murdering a taxi driver in Córdoba