SpellForce III Reforced

SpellForce III Reforced returns from the past, and, like many other remastered, improves the previous version to make it more current and increase the feeling for today’s players. Although it hasn’t been a lot of time since the first edition, it was in fact 2017 when SpellForce III was released, the improvements and changes were many. Best of all, the famous wizard saga for the first time is also available on our beloved PlayStation! Read our review to find out how it fares on this new platform.

A magical saga debuts on PlayStation

SpellForce is a saga loved by many PC gamers and the exploits narrated in previous chapters have unfolded for many years and with many events. Fortunately for us poor consular SpellForce III Reforced represents a prequel of all those things that happened during the saga. We will thus be able to fully enjoy the history of the game even without knowing the previous chapters.

The beginning of our adventure sees a handful of elite soldiers set off to quell a revolution of some dissidents led by a psychopathic wizard, Isamo Tahar. In this short phase we will learn how to command the heroes and manage the camp and we will get to know the revolutionary’s son. He will be the only one to oppose his father and he will also be the only one our heroes will spare when they break into the enemy lair. This guy will be important because in the continuation of the story we will play him.

The events narrated by SpellForce III Reforced take place a few years after that attempted revolt, and, assuming the role of the now adult boy, we will find ourselves being faithful servants of the kingdom. In fact we will be part of the “Guard of the Wolf”, an elite of soldiers who have the task of maintaining order and guaranteeing the safety of the whole kingdom. As such we will be called to investigate a very strange epidemic that is affecting the areas surrounding the capital: a deadly disease called Ardisangue. It is not clear where this terrible disease originates or if it has magical connotations. Our investigation, however, will lead us to find the culprits and reveal all that lies behind this story.

SpellForce III Reforced

Mix of genres, classic but current

The main campaign will take us to play different scenarios and will engage us with different types of games that blend harmoniously. The main soul of SpellForce III Reforced is that of a classic RPG.

In fact we will have to, already from the editor of our main character, dedicate ourselves to its connotation and decide which type of fighter we want to interpret. We will have several prototypes of our choice and, in addition to distributing the skill points between the classic statistics of strength, intelligence, etc., we will also have to choose three different skill trees with various connected powers. This will allow us to shape the young according to our needs and make him evolve as we please. During the course of the game we will also be able to reset all the points spent with a simple potion and change our approach to the game as we please. The other characters that will be part of the group will also evolve and it will be up to us to decide which skills to get, all to create a good synergy between the various components.

In addition to this typical RPG aspect, we will also have to manage the camp (a sort of gaming hub) and make it our base of operations. We will have to build structures suitable for the collection of raw materials, decide how many workers to work in each area and expand our influence on the surrounding areas. This will give us access to increasingly valuable resources, which in turn will allow us to improve soldiers that we can recruit with new types of warriors. In this way we will build an immense army under our orders that will have to clash with the others commanded by the game’s AI. Epic battles of thousands of men will alternate with missions in which very few elements will be involved, an alternation that avoids the monotony that could otherwise be created.

How many fights are there?

The fights will be numerous and will be managed in real time, although most of the clash will be resolved automatically. We will decide when to attack and during the fight we will be able to interact using the skills of our heroes. After selecting a member of our group, using the right trigger we will open a radial menu from which we can choose the skill to use. In addition to the various options that we have unlocked, we will also find all the potions in our possession. Our intervention will be fundamental for the outcome of the clashes, even if we have found a downward calibration of the difficulty.

But a good role-playing game is also based on the dialogues with the various characters and their consequences, and in SpellForce III Reforced they will certainly not be missing. Our choices will not be able to completely upset the plot, but we will still be able to take a particular branch rather than another. So be careful what you say, and above all what you do!

How’s it going on PlayStation?

Technically speaking, the graphics and sound of SpellForce III Reforced cut a good figure on our console. The attention and care with which both aspects have been created immediately catch the eye. On the graphic level, the backdrops are very accurate and it is a pleasure to explore by stopping to look at the details. Even the soundtrack is always fitting and adapts well to the moments of history, accompanying us with solemnity between the events that follow one another.

spellforce 3

The transposition of a game created for PC to console is always difficult as regards the mapping of the commands, but in this case it has succeeded well. After some uncertainty with the passing of the hours we will become familiar with the radial menus and the various keys to open them, thus being able to play in a fluid and precise way. We also report the localization in Italian of the interface and subtitles that will allow us to easily follow all the events.

There are also multiplayer modes that will allow us to play both together and against other players. We will be able to carry out a campaign with them, or clash in epic battles between fierce armies. These represent fun possibilities that increase the longevity of the title.

Trofeistically speaking: a challenging platinum saga

Reaching the Platinum of SpellForce III Reforced will be quite difficult, not only because the trophies on the list are sixty-four, but also because the requests are rather complicated. In fact, in addition to finishing the main campaign and the multiplayer one, we will also have to bring all three factions present to the maximum level and win some rather challenging battles. In addition, some decisions may not make us take the linked trophy, so you risk having to do more runs.

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