Steelbook edition for Halloween

Including a special book and a collector’s card depicting the original poster Halloween – The night of the witches revives in a steelbook edition. Limited edition published by Plaion for its Midnight Classics necklace and that, available in the store FanFactoryfully does justice to the masterpiece of John Carpenter. Masterpiece that, dated 1978, immediately transformed into the classic par excellence to be seen again on All Saints’ Eve and in any other evening dedicated to horror. Masterpiece that transformed the filmmaker, then a veteran of science fiction, into a master of the genre Dark star and the action movie of siege District 13: The Death Brigades. After all, let’s talk about the title that has contributed in a fundamental way to lay the foundations for all the modern cinema of fear. With Night of the Living Dead from George A. Romero, The last house on the left from Wes Craven And Do not open that door from Tobe Hooper.

The title that in this collector’s edition is present on two blu-ray media and a 4K Ultra HD disc. Disc, the latter, which offers the opportunity to relive the film in a completely new and more detailed than usual audiovisual quality, in 2.35: 1 format.

The film that, as we know, started a series consisting of eight chapters, up to 2002. Plus the reboot / prequel Halloween – The beginning and continuation and the trilogy that culminated in 2022 in Halloween Ends. The film that gave the universe of cinematic boogeyman Michael Myers, a psychopath responsible for just six years of his sister’s death. Death which the viewer witnesses in the opening thanks to a long subjective shot through the eye holes of a mask. Before moving on to fifteen years later, when the killer escapes the criminal asylum to return to Haddonfield, Illinois. Where the only thing that seems to interest him is the extermination of teenagers during the night of October 31st. Extermination that, between strangulations and stabbings, he carries out with his face hidden behind a white mask derived from the costume designer from that of Captain Kirk of Star trek. Up to targeting the young babysitter Laurie, played by one Jamie Lee Curtis in its big screen debut.

While chasing him is Dr. Sam Loomis from the features of the mythical Donald Pleasence, who had always kept him in care. Character whose name is the same sported by John Gavin in the Hitchcockian Psycho. Feature film in which, not surprisingly, in the historical sequence in the shower perished Janet Leigh Curtis’s own mother. After all, the Norman Bates of Anthony Perkins it is one of the figures that have influenced that of Myers. So much so that both are united by the fact that they kill because of a sort of attraction-repulsion towards sex experienced as an obscene act. Over the course of just over an hour and a half of tense and involve vision also proposed in one of the two blu-rays flanked by extras. We have three trailers, two TV commercials, three radio commercials, audio commentary by Curtis and Carpenter’s masterclass given by the director. Masterclass of over seventy minutes held on the occasion of the award ceremony with the Carrosse d’or at the Quinzaine des realisatéurs 2019.

But it doesn’t stop there, as this beautiful home video edition of Halloween – The night of the witches reserve another surprise. The second of the two discs in high definition, in fact, dispenses the extended version of the film broadcast on TV.

An expanded version by inserting about ten minutes of additional sequences specifically shot. So, have you ever seen the moment when Loomis first tries to convince two doctors to move Michael from the asylum to the jail? The one who sees him find the word “Sister” on the door of the room where the boy was locked up? And the situation in which Lynda aliases PJ Soles borrow a blouse from Laurie? Now you can find out all this in the review of the feature film that started the slasher trend. The trend consists of productions characterized by imaginative killing of people in a more or less closed space. Filone preceded, among others, by Chain reaction – Ecology of crime from Mario Bava And Black Christmas – A blood red Christmas from Bob Clark. After all, Halloween – The night of the witches won the Avoriaz Festival. Strong also of a disturbing soundtrack that Carpenter himself composed, openly inspired by the Goblinian one of Deep red.

Steelbook edition for Halloween – Night of the Witches