Suspected terrorist in Lévis: an elaborate project of more than $100,000

Suspected of terrorism, the Lévisien Gérald Nicolas would have spoken of his desire to make an armed revolution in Haiti to relatives in addition to leaving traces of a plan as elaborate as it is unusual, according to a search warrant and documents taken from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) investigation filed in court, that The newspaper was able to consult. Here are three facts alleged by the federal police in these documents.

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Before the RCMP got involved in the case, the Lévis police carried out a search of the home of Nicolas and his spouse in May 2021 as part of an investigation for sharing an intimate image. The police recovered his wife’s cell phone, a laptop computer and a computer tower.

The analysis revealed the presence of an email written in Spanish intended for the dictatorial leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un, in which Nicolas would ask to receive military training and advice to help him liberate Haiti. In addition, a Word document mentioned a request for military aid from China while another letter was written for the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris. According to the RCMP, Nicolas described his plan to take control of the Haitian government.

RCMP constables met on August 8, 2021 with an ex-companion of Nicolas. According to her, he would have planned a budget between $100,000 and $200,000 to make the revolution. She argues that the suspect would have gone to Cuba, at the end of 2019, to try to buy weapons and tanks, but that he did not succeed. Despite everything, he “said he wanted to make a peaceful revolution in Haiti”. He would also have traveled in February 2020 to the Dominican Republic, Panama and Colombia and would have gone to Florida twice to take shooting lessons.

According to the RCMP, she describes her former spouse as “narcissistic, psychopathic and manipulative”, but she “is not sure if Nicolas was only a big talker or if he really wanted to make the revolution in Haiti”.

Recall that Gérald Nicolas is accused of having left Canada to facilitate a terrorist activity, of facilitating a terrorist activity and of providing goods for terrorist purposes. In media interviews, he has strenuously denied the charges, citing a story that was made up out of revenge by a former acquaintance. He will appear on December 1.

The police found the existence of conversations on WhatsApp between Nicolas and his new spouse dating from April and May 2021. According to the RCMP, Nicolas talks about buying land in the Dominican Republic near the Haitian border. He is looking to buy equipment to set up a camp for about 50 people and asks the help of his wife’s cousin, a police officer in the Dominican Republic, to buy five large caliber firearms and ammunition.

During an interrogation with Lévis police in June 2021, he “speaks of the need to make a revolution in Haiti so that the country can get out of its situation. It’s the only way for him.”

— With the collaboration of Pierre-Paul Biron

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Suspected terrorist in Lévis: an elaborate project of more than $100,000