Teatro degli Amimosi in Carrara: the season kicks off with the Mousetrap interpreted by Lodo Guenzi

The prose season at the Teatro degli Animosi in Carrara kicks off on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 November, with the first show of a billboard full of events born from the collaboration between the Municipal Administration and the non-profit Toscana Spettacolo Foundation. On stage Mousetrap by Agatha Christieinterpreted by Lodo Guenziwith Claudia Campagnola, Dario Merlini, Stefano Annoni, Thomas Cardarelli, Andrea Nicolini, Maria Laura, Lisa Lendarotranslation and adaptation Edward Erba, directed by George Gallioneproduction The Pirallendian.

“The prose season restarts with a show of absolute value, like the entire program that we have prepared in collaboration with the Tuscany Entertainment Foundation – says the councilor for culture of the Municipality of Carrara Gea Dazzi -. Until next April, the Animosi theater will host twelve shows in a succession of genres and registers which, I am sure, will be able to involve and excite different audiences. In these months important artists will return to tread the stage of one of the symbols of the city and the response of the Carrara people will not be long in coming. Already the numbers of the season ticket campaign and the queues that we have been able to see in front of the box office since early morning in recent weeks testify that in the city there is a great desire for theater and, more generally, for culture and for this very reason we feel the responsibility to satisfy such a great expectation. I’m sure all of them will be satisfied also because I know how much effort there is behind this theater season and for this I want to thank all the municipal employees who have worked and are still working on it. In parallel with this season of prose we are, among other things, committed to setting up an offer of opera and symphonic music of great quality”

Born as a radio play and soon transformed into a detective comedy, Mousetrap has been performed in London every day, without interruption, since 1952, the year of its debut. Built, as always in Agatha Christie, with an incomparable mastery and a total mastery of the narrative structure and the mechanisms of suspense, the comedy symbol of what has been called “the queen of yellow”, is still today a work of great impact theatrical and of sure emotional and hypnotic effectiveness. The plot is both simple and implacable: in an isolated hotel in the English countryside, a young couple is preparing to receive the first guests of the new management. But a snowstorm is raging outside, and soon the bizarre customers who have arrived in the meantime are isolated, imprisoned in the house. The telephone is blown up or sabotaged, and news of a murder is arriving on the radio which probably has ties or connections to all or many of the characters present. It is increasingly evident that a shadowy psychopathic killer is bent on striking again. Almost immediately one of the guests is killed and in the meantime, making his way through the blizzard, a young policeman has managed to reach the hotel to start the investigation. At this point Christie’s ominous and often wryly amusing web is spun; and the audience is happily captivated.

Show starts at 21.00.

The ticket office of the Teatro degli Animosi is open until Friday 18 November, from 10.00 / 12.30 and 17.00 /18.30, while on the two days of the show from 10.00 / 12.30 and 18.00 / 21.00. Tickets can also be purchased on Vivaticket, exclusively at full price.

Ticket prices: stalls and central boxes €20/€18 reduced; side boxes €14/€12 reduced; gallery € 10 / € 9 reduced.

For information, Culture Office telephone 0585/641419; Teatro degli Animosi, piazza Battisti 1, Carrara, telephone 0585/641317 on opening days of the ticket office.

Teatro degli Amimosi in Carrara: the season kicks off with the Mousetrap interpreted by Lodo Guenzi – Eco della Lunigiana