Terrifier Director Explains Why The Third Will Be The Worst Of The Trilogy

Terrifier director Damien Leone has addressed the third film in the franchise. The filmmaker’s statements have caused a stir.

The movies Terror seems to be experiencing one of its best moments in recent times. Is now Terrifier the great protagonist of the genre. The tape has gone viral on social networks thanks to its disturbing scenes. In this way, most of the cuts that have been leaked on the internet are focused on her protagonist, the clown art.

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Now, damien leone, director of the saga that so far has two films, anticipated great details of a third part. According to the filmmaker, the next one will be even worse than what has already been seen.

“One of my main goals for Terrifier 3 is to recover the creep factor present in the original Terrifier short film. That had a genuinely creepy atmosphere that I’m still proud of. If everything goes according to plan, part 3 will be the scariest Terrifier yet,” he commented.

It should be noted that in a previous interview with Variety, Leone teased that he had been considering the plot of Terrifier 3 while working on the second film. “There are so many questions raised in ‘Part 2’ that aren’t answered, and that was part of the design because I know I’m going to go into a ‘Part 3,’” Leone said. “I pretty much have the whole treatment ready for ‘Part 3’, but it’s getting so big that it could potentially be split into a ‘Part 4’ because I wouldn’t want to make another 2 hour and 20 minute movie. So let’s see,” he said.

“My fear is that eventually the well runs dry, we will end up jumping the shark, there will be nothing left to say with this characterLeone added. “It happens with a lot of franchises that I’m still a huge fan of. I’ve seen all of these parts 10 and 13, but sometimes that could really mess up the whole franchise. That they run out or do not have this satisfaction. The arc or movie goes in another direction, that could be devastating for the franchise as a whole. I want to try to avoid that,” he added.

So far, no dates have been given for the next installments, but it seems that the new great horror film franchise could be emerging from independent cinema. Halloween, Friday 13 either scream they will finally have competition born in the 21st century.

So far the production has caused fainting and has had to be canceled in more than one movie theater. On the other hand, his premiere it was gradual. Since it doesn’t have the backing of a major studio, many distributors didn’t trust showing it so it hit various countries long after it hit the United States.

Terrifier Synopsis

Art the clown is resurrected in the morgue. A year later, on the night of Halloweenthe sinister psycho returns to Miles County to attack teenage siblings whose late father left them a book of foreboding sketches about Art. The sequel opens December 29, 2022.

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Terrifier Director Explains Why The Third Will Be The Worst Of The Trilogy