That, John Gacy… Dress up as a killer clown for Halloween

They’re a classic Halloween costume, and there’s no reason that should change this year. Here’s how to make yourself a clown!

With their red noses, their faces made up in white and their disturbing smiles, the clowns are an integral part of the story of horror. These characters, originally designed to make children laugh with their anticshave even become the object of a very real phobia: coulrophobia.

the myth of the psychopathic clown has in fact been fueled by many historical figures belonging to the entertainment world (Pierrot, Pogo, John Wayne Gacy). These very real personalities all convicted of crimes against young children. What undermine the image of friendly clown usually attached to the character.

To make matters worse, fiction has taken hold of the subject. And fiction being what it is, the representatives of the profession are not really altar boys. From Joker from the DC universe The Batmanmoving on to the terrifying character of Pennywise in That, the figure of the clown is combined with that of the murderer. In short, the perfect cocktail for a successful Halloween disguise.

Do you want to dress up as a clown to celebrate the Day of the Dead? Here are some ideas to scare your loved ones.

Halloween: make up your face like a clown

The basis of the clown disguise is the white makeup on the face. Popularized by the Commedia dell’arte and the character of Pierrot (which sadly marked the miscellaneous news section), this painting mask lends itself very well to the Halloween period, when ghosts and skeletons come out of the closet.

This 250ml white makeup jar, rated 4.4 stars out of 5 (with over 5000 ratings), is ideal for taking on the appearance of a real sad clown. With such a pale face, no doubt you will be rewarded with a gasp or two, with the happy feeling of having done your duty.


€32.70 on Amazon

For an even more terrifying effect, it is obviously necessary to make up his mouth with a smile of the most sinister, which exudes malevolence. This rouge will certainly give you the air of Joker, we assure you.


7.80€ on Amazon

A clown’s red nose for Halloween

Appearing at the end of the 19th century, the figure of the red-nosed clown quickly established itself as THE representation of the profession. This round, prominent nose is supposed to signal the quirky and unsuitable character of the clown compared to the rest of the population. Obviously, the original idea of ​​the red nose is to suggest clowning, not murderous desires.

This batch of 12 foam noses from the COM-FOUR brand is perfect for your Halloween parties. Easy to put on, they offer good support and are comfortable to wear. We don’t know if you’ll look classy, ​​but at least you’ll really look like a clown.


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A killer clown wig to scare the audience

Your face is pretty much done, but it would be nothing without a mass of colored hair to cover your head. The clown wig gives a particular fullness to his appearance, which reinforces his menacing side.

We cannot highly recommend the most iconic of all, the one worn by Pennywise in That, the American horror film based on the famous novel by Stephen King. Chills guaranteed!


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If you want to play it a little more classically, you can also set your sights on a more rudimentary looking but nonetheless equally terrifying wig. If with that, you don’t scare at least one friend, we don’t understand anything anymore.


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A scary clown mask

If the idea of ​​wearing makeup doesn’t appeal to you but you still want to be a clown on Halloween, there’s nothing a good mask can’t refuse. The most terrifying we’ve seen comes from the demented spirit of the Smiffy’s brand.

This latex mask ticks all the sinister clown boxes: white face, red hair, sleazy smile. Okay, this one is missing a bit of hair, but that only adds to its ominous look.


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A complete murderous clown costume

Don’t feel like the hassle of customizing your clown outfit for Halloween? If you’re short on time, we can’t blame you. Especially since there are many all-in-one costumes offered for sale on e-commerce sites.

We have a particular fondness for this black and white suit with a diamond pattern. Made of polyester, it seems sufficiently macabre to us to be all the rage in your horror parties. To top it off, he comes with a red wig. How to save money…


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We hope you have found your happiness!

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That, John Gacy… Dress up as a killer clown for Halloween