The 4 best Dragon Ball products to get

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Make your child happy with these Dragon Ball games

Anime are series and films that are ultra popular with the younger generation. These Japanese cartoons with very particular codes are fascinating. Your little one may also be a fan. Derivative products in their image are therefore flourishing. Among the plethora of choices, Dragon Ball remains an unbeatable of the genre. Treat your child to one or all of these Dragon Ball products.

1. This Dragon Ball Super figurine from Bandai is less than 27 €

There are anime that go through the years while still remaining popular. Timeless, they have been able to adapt to all audiences to enjoy a success that is still as important today. Among them, Dragon Ball squats the top of the ranking. It is therefore quite natural that children want games and toys bearing the image of their favorite characters. If that’s the case with your little one, grant their wish with this Dragon Ball Super figure from Bandai. It’s also discounted on Amazon. It is indeed displayed at €25.38 against €26.66 previously. A reduction, even of 5%, we do not say no. It is therefore a case not to be missed.

A figurine larger than life

All the mythical scenes from the anime will be able to be recreated with this Dragon Ball Super figurine from Bandai

buy this Dragon Ball Super figurine from Bandai for € 25.38 on Amazon

He is one of the iconic characters of the anime. Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta has won the hearts of fans for a long time. And this figurine in his image proves it. Very realistic, it faithfully reproduces the features of the original character. With it, all the fierce battles of the anime universe can be reproduced. How ? Thanks to the figure’s 16 points of articulation that allow him to recreate poses from the series. Same goes for the extra pair of hands included. Recreating the techniques will be child’s play. Let the fighting begin!

2. Amazing 38% discount for this Bandai Dragon Ball Super Piccolo Figure

He is the real first villain of the Dragon Ball anime. Before him, the other enemies had this sympathetic side which made that one could even appreciate them. But, with Piccolo, it’s totally different. It really embodies the dark side and has a genuinely disturbing aesthetic. This character thus brought relief to the anime. That’s why fans loved to hate him. But, over the episodes, the antagonist has evolved into a hero. Everyone can change, right? This emblematic character, which perhaps fascinates your little fan, is necessarily entitled to its derivative products. And what better than a figurine to create a thousand and one stories with? Luckily, Piccolo Dragon Ball Super from Bandai also benefits from an incredible promotion on Amazon. Its price thus drops from €26.66 to €16.49. Impossible to miss this XXL reduction of 38%. It’s your wallet that will thank you for its €10 savings.

A complex character between good and evil

Your child will be able to embody both a villain and a hero with this Piccolo Dragon Ball Super figure from Bandai

buy this Bandai Dragon Ball Super Piccolo figure on Amazon for €16.49

Do you know Nero, the horrible Roman emperor? Cruel to the core, he reveled in people’s suffering. He did so torture before his eyes for fun. And it is from this psychopath that the creator of Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama was inspired for his first real villain, Piccolo. We understand better where his horrible personality traits come from! Like the true emperor, he laughed unscrupulously at people’s misfortune. And his features were meant to inspire as much fear as possible. But, unlike the Emperor, Piccolo eventually repents to become a Dragon Ball hero. He is thus a complex character who necessarily appeals to fans of the series like your child.

His figurine therefore makes it possible to invent dozens of stories where he sometimes becomes a hero, sometimes a horrible villain. His 16 points of articulation also allow him to take multiple poses. Its truly realistic design allows for an even more immersive gaming experience. It even has an extra pair of hands so your little one can replicate all of the character’s fighting moves. Now all that’s left to do is have fun!

3. Spend less than $16 for this Funko Dragon Ball Z Goku Pop Animation

The Pops are the trendy figurines of several seasons already. It must be said that these little characters in the image of children’s favorite heroes are really cute. Their design with their oversized heads and eyes and their small body has a lot to do with this success. The goal is to collect all the models of a theme that is particularly close to your heart. If your little one is a fan of Dragon Ball, know that there are a multitude of Pop version characters from the anime. Among them, there is obviously the unbeatable Goku. Its price on Amazon is more accessible. Perfect for those who got a little extra spending money or want to replace a gift that didn’t quite fit. The figurine is indeed displayed at € 18.50, so go for it.

A transformation into a Super Saiyan

Your child will be able to imagine many adventures with this Pop Animation Goku Dragon Ball Z figure from Funko

Buy this figure Pop-Animation Goku dragon ball z Funko for €18.13 on Amazon

A great fight awaits Goku. He will indeed face the horrible Cell. After years of preparation, it is finally ready. To put the odds on his side, he decides to transform into Super Saiyan, Pop Animation version. According to legend, its initial level will thus be multiplied by 50. And you only have to see this figurine to understand it. Fists clenched, he gathers his strength before the long-awaited moment. The attention to detail on the figure goes right down to the torn pieces of clothing and muscular arms. Ideal for having fun by reproducing scenes from the series as closely as possible!

4. This Learn to Draw Dragon Ball book: Step per stage of Nakhsa Iarin is less than 12 €

Drawing may be one of your little one’s passions. Pencils, markers, gouaches, he imagines sublime works with whatever comes to hand. He might, however, want to perfect his technique. But the drawing lessons are a certain sum. The ideal is therefore to opt for learning books. And, if they are like his favorite hero, what more could you ask for? The manga version sketches will no longer hold any secrets for him. Give him this Learn to Draw Dragon Ball book: Step by stage of Nakhsa Iarin. With its price of €11.95 on Amazon, your child can even afford it thanks to the money received at Christmas. But hurry, this product is on top sale. The out of stock could therefore be close!

Drawings to reproduce step by step

Your child will become a master of drawing with this book Learn to Draw Dragon Ball: Step by Step by Nakhsa Iarin

Buy this book learn To draw Dragon Ball: Step by step by Nakhsa Iarin for €11.95 on Amazon

Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, does your child dream that his characters come to life under the lines of his pencil or marker? Even if he has talent, it can be very difficult to create a character without example or without indications of the real proportions to adopt. This is where the book Learn to Draw Dragon Ball: Step by Step by Nakhsa Iarin.

Through its pages, he will be able to reproduce his favorite manga and anime characters. This will also be an opportunity for novices to discover this type of drawing with very specific codes. Here, everything is in place for successful sketches. Each sketch is ultra broken down to facilitate the work. And the different steps to achieve the masterpiece are illustrated. All you have to do is grab a tool and get started!

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The 4 best Dragon Ball products to get