The 4 personality traits of a psychopath, according to a neuroscientist who studied them

Here’s what makes a person a psychopath, according to neuroscientist and psychologist Abigail Marsh.

Le jokerHannibal Lecter, Amy in the movie Gone Girl… These characters all have one thing in common: they are psychopaths. If they are fictitious people, nearly 3% of men and 1% of women are affected by psychopathyreports the magazine Psychologies. This behavioral disorder is often explained by a traumatic childhood, but according to a professor of psychology and neuroscientist at Georgetown University, in the United States, the origin of psychopathy is “linked to characteristic brain abnormalities that seem to begin childhood and then progress”.

Although there exists varying degrees of psychopathy, all people with this disorder possess four personality traitsexplains Abigail Marsh, quoted by Business Insider.

Features to watch out for

  • The lack of mercy: psychopaths do not understand their loved ones when they feel certain negative emotions such as sadness or fear, because they don’t feel them themselvessays Abigail Marsh.
  • The inability to love: people with psychopathy “do not have affectionate bonds with other people”, they tend to only consider their family and friends as “associates”, who are inferior to them.

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  • Lack of remorse: and this, that the psychopaths cause a person to suffer mentally, physically, or emotionally. The specialist takes the example of a young boy she studied. The latter was expelled from school so many times that his mother lost her job and went to a health center because of the stress. A situation that did not affect her son at all, according to Abigail Marsh.
  • Insensitivity to fear and consequences: “They are really insensitive to the possibility of future harm,” adds the psychologist. That is to say, they are neither afraid of being hurt, nor of going to prison, nor of judgment of others. Clear, nothing can stop them from doing what they want.


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The 4 personality traits of a psychopath, according to a neuroscientist who studied them