The 8 series that the Three Wise Men are giving us this week travel the galaxy with ‘Star Wars’

2023 begins his journey with a month of January loaded with seriesaltogether with 56 titles. However, and following in the wake of the last week of 2022the new year begins with a small number of gifts from the Wise men: just eight Fictions, and no Spanish.

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Recovering from family gatherings and Christmas festivities and living on Three Kings Day, streaming platforms keep their number of releases low, and their main bets are saved for the following weeks of January. However, whoever wants to escape and find themselves immersed in a new story since the beginning of the year will have a choice.

It should be noted by Netflix the arrival of new stories, such as The lying life of adults, a nice Italian comedy that falls into the coming-of-age genre. While if what you fancy is a revenge story, on the same streaming platform you can enjoy the premiere of The lady of the dead and of Copenhagen Cowboy.

By your side, Amazon Prime Video also gives us a new story to start the year, it is about The platform, a mystery thriller that takes place on an oil platform, where, at the change of shift, a mysterious fog invades the place preventing its abandonment.

We can also enjoy the continuation and even the end of some series, as is the case of Happy Valleywhich ends with its season three and will close the arc of cather cawood in Movistar Plus+. By Disney+we will be immersed in the continuation of Star Wars: The Bad Consignmentwith a second season that promises much more action within the intergalactic universe.

And finally, HBO Max will allow us to continue knowing the life of Mark Wahlbergfollowing him in his day to day, and in his businesses, while Netflix will premiere the second season of Ginny and Georgia who decide to move to a new city in search of comfort, but their old secrets will endanger their desire.

Happy Valley T3 and Final (January 3, Movistar Plus+)

This is the series: A murder causes Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire) to have a relationship again with Royce (James Norton), the psychopath who raped her daughter and caused her to end up committing suicide. The event forces the sergeant to reopen a wound that does not finish closing, while she glimpses her retirement on the horizon and tries to come to terms with the idea that her grandson Ryan, now a 16-year-old teenager, wants to have a different relationship with his biological father, Royce himself. Catherine will do everything in her power to keep her grandson away from Royce’s influence, desperate to contact her son from the prison where he is serving time.

Star Wars: The bad consignment T2 (January 4, Disney +)

This is the series: Months have passed since the events of Kamino and the Bad Shipment continues its journey sailing through the Empire after the fall of the Republic. Along the way, they will meet friends and enemies, both new and familiar, as they undertake a series of exciting missions as mercenaries that take them to unexpected and dangerous places.

The lying life of adults (January 4, Netflix)

This is the series: “When you are little, everything seems big to you. When you get older, everything loses importance. This phrase by Giovanna sums up her story and her journey from adolescence —the time when all problems seem unsolvable— to adulthood, when she discovers her family’s lies and a totally unknown Naples.

Ginny and Georgia S2 (January 5, Netflix)

This is the series: Young Ginny and her mother, Georgia, settle in a new town hoping to start over, but Georgia’s secrets jeopardize their wish.

The Lady of the Dead (January 5, Netflix)

This is the series: A story about what a passionate woman is capable of doing to avenge the death of her husband and about the dispute between good and evil that rages within all people.

Wahl Street T2 (January 5, HBO Max)

This is the series: Follow international star Mark Wahlberg as he juggles the demands of a rigorous film schedule and rushes to expand his burgeoning business empire – including gym studio F45, municipal clothing line, production company Unrealistic Ideas, and, of course Wahlburgers. Faced with numerous tough decisions amid the global pandemic, Mark is driven to make better movies, tastier burgers, and more fashionable clothes-while prioritizing his biggest roles as a husband and father. Wahl Street continues to deliver Mark’s powerful business insights and life lessons in this second season, while showcasing the cast of colorful characters that make up his real-life environment.

Cowboy from Copenhagen (January 5, Netflix)

This is the series: It follows the adventures of its enigmatic young heroine, Miu, who, after a life of servitude and about to start all over again, wanders the sinister landscape of Copenhagen’s criminal underworld. As she seeks justice and exacts her revenge, she runs into her archenemy, Rakel, and the two embark on an odyssey through the natural and supernatural worlds. In the end, the past transforms and defines the future for both of them as they discover that they are not alone, that they are many. It is the new television project of Nicolas Winding Refn almost four years after his Too Old To Die Young

The platform (January 6, Amazon Prime Video)

This is the series: Iain Glen and Martin Compston are the protagonists of this thriller that takes place on an oil rig off the Scottish coast. By the time the shift change arrives, and the crew plans to return to the ground, a strange fog covers the entire facility and prevents anyone from getting out of there.

The 8 series that the Three Wise Men are giving us this week travel the galaxy with ‘Star Wars’